Star Signs March 2017

Posted on: 7th March, 2017

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork, she gives personal consultations and teaches astrology and intuitive guidance classes. email

We start the month with the heightened energy of Jupiter in opposition to Uranus. This tense dynamic contributed to the effects of the recent Solar Eclipse, which will continue to be felt for some months. Irrational beliefs and sudden reversals of fortune can cause plans to go awry. Any sudden release of pent-up energy can cause unexpected consequences during the first two weeks of the month. With quick-witted Mercury combined with nebulous Neptune this week, a mist upon the mind makes rational clarity unlikely whilst dreams and imagination are enhanced. Don’t expect things to make a lot of sense just yet.

On March 4, a day that a feisty Mars in Aries gets involved with serious Saturn through a trine aspect we can expect to feel determined to carry a task or project through to a successful conclusion. This is also when Venus begins her yearly retrograde phase, as she increasingly withdraws from sight over the next weeks until she joins with the Sun on the 25th when she is regarded as being combust, or burnt up. This is also known as the inferior conjunction and the end of a cycle, which started in June 2016. She then begins her new cycle, slowly to re-emerge from the Sun’s fire and present herself in the pre-dawn sky as the Morning Star. This Venus combustion occurs at around five degrees of Aries and the personal significance and impact will be described by that place in your own birth chart. In general terms this is a time when a hearts desire can be given a new intention or purpose which will grow to fruition throughout the next 18 months of the Venus cycle.

By the time the Moon waxes to Full on March 12 bringing to a head events from around the New Moon Solar Eclipse in February. The impulsive release of tension that threatened our peace has still to work itself out through the events that were set in motion but Mars will have moved into Taurus. This is a sign ruled by Venus and all that assertive Mars thrust and compete energy is tamed and directed, and sometimes frustrated, by this steady, patient and solid earth sign. That personal drive and force of will, is now striving for security and stability and the urge is to build something that will endure.

Another significant event occurs this month. This is the New Year in the Astrological cycle. On 20th the Sun moves into Aries at the Equinox that brings equal day and night, a year ends and new one begins. Looking at the chart of the moment that the Sun moves into Aries can give us a preview of what to expect in the coming months in the same way as a birth chart can indicate that life trends for a person.

At the time of New Moon, Mars makes an easy connection to Neptune on March 27 so this next Lunar cycle starts off with our physical and competitive drives in a more subdued and relaxed phase. This is an excellent period to take some time out in quiet and tranquil surroundings to replenish and refresh. Use this opportunity to go to a spiritual retreat, get away for a few days or simply have some quiet time at home to consider what dreams you want to make manifest.

The Full Moon is at 23° Virgo on March 12 at 2:55pm New Moon is at 8° Aries on March 28 at 3:59am.


Aries: You may waste energy on menial tasks, thus getting distracted from the broader visions in your life during this Full Moon. You are likely to make yourself indispensable through being of service, tuning in to the physical needs of others, and generally happy to take on a lot of tasks. If you are not careful however, other people will take advantage of you. This is the time you should be really getting things together for yourself whilst you can keep the focus on the details. Once you’ve put on the finishing touches, you’ll be able to stand back and take pride in your accomplishments.

Taurus: Enjoyment is the keyword for you this Full Moon and it’s time to loosen up and have some fun, especially with close friends and children. If you are socialising you can even risk going a little bit over the top as this is a general time of celebration for all. Passion and intensity, on any topic you choose, can run rampant and your enthusiasm overflows. You have a strong emotional need for some romantic encounters but you also know how to nurture and maintain the romance in an existing relationship too. So make the most of it and enjoy!

Gemini: This Full Moon you may spend a lot of time at home, finding great pleasure in looking after your children or family, cooking, making home improvements etc. You are especially sensitive to the moods of others who share your personal space. Although you will be strongly motivated to create a caring and secure environment around you, a crowd can be claustrophobic and you can get on each other’s nerves. This is a time to acknowledge how the comfortable and familiar supports you. Draw on it as a source of strength as you prepare to achieve some great things out in the world.

Cancer: Uncomfortable feelings you experience during this Full Moon phase could result from strong differences of opinion with someone. You can be easily swayed by irrational arguments and emotions if you have to state your case now. It can seem that everybody is trying to get their message through but no one is listening? Try not to be distracted whilst you tie up important loose ends and meet deadlines. You need to keep some time available for a new project or mental challenge. You could be making plans for travelling or starting a new class or training programme.

Leo: Learning to adjust to economic fluctuations is part of the process of maturing and this Full Moon will find you focusing on personal resources. You can be a very kind and giving person but you also need to feel secure. Being concerned with your own financial status now is probably a good thing. Some people may view you as unusually materialistic and possessive but it’s time to cash in on some of your hard earned investments and name your price for your efforts. Be confident in your skills and abilities and turn them to good use now as others will notice and reward you later.

Virgo: The pressure is on to bring critical projects to a conclusion during this Full Moon. The emphasis is not so much on what you’ve done, but rather who you are. It’s the right time to let your true personality shine and show the world exactly what you’re all about. You understand how important a sincere personal expression is. You may be seen as over-emotional or sentimental but you can have a powerful impact on your surroundings through your moods. You instinctively know how to provide a truly nurturing environment for people to grow and you’re motivated to show how much concern and care you have for others.

Libra: During this Full Moon you are extremely sensitive to your environment. You have a strong need to withdraw from the world and commune with nature or your inner feelings. You might want to retreat to a very private emotional world and other people may have difficulty getting in contact with you. Ideally create a place, which is sacred to you where you can be alone. In this private space you can become aware of your true dreams and longings. Try to work more consciously with the inner world of your imagination through creative work or meditative practice for a few days.

Scorpio: You are extremely sensitive to how people treat you over this Full Moon. You’ll want to know if you have forged strong bonds with your friends. You are both caring and concerned as regards their wellbeing but easily hurt if they let you down in any way. Ensure that you spend time only with people that elevate and support you. Disconnect from the daily grind and indulge your personal happy side for a while. Good food, pleasant company, shared experiences and mutual understanding bring an inner peace that makes you realize that quality of life is not about money, status or possessions.

Sagittarius: Recently a strong sense of loyalty made you conform to family or social expectations. This Full Moon you realise that in your past a lot of your unconscious motivation has been aimed at living up to other people’s standards. Now is the time to reach out for what you want for yourself and stand in the spotlight whilst acting the part of your unique self in all your glory. Take time out during these few days to wave your own flag and get noticed for your current contribution before a new surge of personal creativity rolls in.

Capricorn: During this Full Moon phase your interest in philosophical and spiritual areas is heightened. Use the time to expand your inner window on the world and break new ground. Convictions and values of those close to you will have unconsciously influenced you so discovering beliefs that are true for you personally now takes your whole attention. Traveling or studying will be a strong urge so seize the opportunity to take off in a new direction. It will bring a welcome relief from deeper concerns and you may realise that there is a lot less to worry about than you first thought.

Aquarius: Experiences during this Full Moon will show you how other people have provided emotional security for you. Seeing clearly where you have been dependent in your relationships gives you a new sense of freedom and the release of energy will propel you into a fresh creative phase. You might unearth resources within yourself that you were previously unaware of. This new knowledge will be of great help to everyone you contact on an intimate level. You no longer need to rely on certain items or possessions as you move on, so clear off the cobwebs, throw out useless things you’ve been hoarding and enjoy the liberation.

Pisces: You have difficulty distinguishing between what you feel and the feelings of those closest to you during this Full Moon. Tune in to yourself, and allow your intimate friends to have their moods without imagining they always have something to do with your own actions. You sense that you have all got a little too close and caught up with each other recently and soon you’ll need to stand back. Giving yourself time to recognise your true individuality will allow you to fully connect with others in your own unique way. The support and equality you sense as a result will produce welcome rewards later.

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