Star Signs – Looking ahead for 2017

Posted on: 17th January, 2017

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork, she gives personal consultations and teaches astrology and intuitive guidance classes. email

As soon as the mid winter festivities are over our attention usually turns to the prospects for the New Year. It would not be hard to agree that 2016 was a endeavour that seemed relentless, especially those last few months of the year. So much letting go, re-focusing and prioritising took place. For so many people there were unwelcome surprises and some shocking events rocked the world. For most it has certainly been that ‘game changer’ that was predicted.

So will 2017 be a better brighter year? Well the truth is that it totally depends on what viewpoint you take as an individual. The themes of the last few years are drawing to a close and this period until 2020 is the tidying up phase. The main shifts that were required to move us into a new paradigm have taken place. The structures and systems that now belong to the past are only still standing through force of habit. They no longer serve the general population. The new systems that are part of the new age have not yet become fully formed or been adopted by the masses.

This year we can expect the final collapsing of what has been breaking down during the last decade. For some this may seem like more of the same chaos and decline. The astrological patterns are similar to those of the late 1930s and the Great Depression. We can expect an increase in polaristion in the political world. People are becoming increasingly divided by opinion and prejudice. Fear is the biggest threat to our personal and world peace now – fear of change, difference, other religions, cultures etc. In fact, anything, which is unfamiliar, may seem like it’s in opposition to our security. Whereas our security lies in not being in opposition to anything!

2017 is going to seem like the end of things. But depending on your viewpoint that does not have to be a bad thing! We have to finish clearing out the old ways and find a new way forward. This year will see a lot of forward movement and many innovative trends will emerge by the later months. August is the significant month this year.

What is most clear in the Astrology for 2017 is that events and experiences can be surprising and unexpected. What we can do as individuals is bring our own perspective and beliefs to bear on events and interpret them from a positive state of mind. Many good and great things can happen if we make the choice to be a part of the positive change that is occurring now. More than ever we can decide what kind of world we want to live in. If the world ‘out there’ is disruptive or disturbing there is very little we can do about that in a direct way. But in our inner world we can find a place of peace and goodwill and from there we can begin to create an external environment to match. The choices we make about what we value and how we interact with our fellow beings on this planet will effect the changes that we want to see. This year is the time to put ourselves in the driving seat and decide what way is this world going to go.

The main Astrological theme throughout the year is Jupiter in opposition to Uranus, which was first exact on December 26, 2016, and will be again on March 2 and September 28, 2017. Some key words for this dynamic would be volatile, controversial, inventive,  unique,  eccentric, sudden, unexpected, forceful, idealistic, spiritual and optimistic.

We can expect a strong urge to become free to live our own lives as we choose, as an expression of our unique individuality. So there may well be plenty of opposing opinions as to what is acceptable but that is exactly what we are facing right now. Do we choose what is right for others or do we ‘live and let live’? We have to work this out and deal with the dillemas it presents.

There is still the atmosphere of revolution from Uranus that has been the trend in recent years but now it has a positive influence of Jupiter to drive it forward. It is time for us to decide what these positive revolutions might be.  We could see the rise of alternative monetary systems: A new global political system, which favours peace and equal prosperity – a reinvention of democracy in its truest form. Inspired new leaders who are not from old political dynasties. An ecological revolution and recovery, as we go back to valuing the land for our physical sustenance.

2017 is the year for each of us to engage with the future potential and be a pioneer for the new and the good. It is up to us to harness the constructive and inspiring trends that are emerging. The option to let the governments and world leaders make all the decisions and set the rules has passed. This is the beginning of the age of the individual working in alignment with the greater good for the good of all.

The next Full Moon is at 23° Cancer on January 12 at 11:35am. The New Moon is at 9° Aquarius on January 28 at 00:08am.


Aries: You may find you need the freedom to express yourself in the home this Full Moon. It seems that everyone there, including yourself, is more demanding than usual. You simply get on each other’s nerves. Either take the opportunity to connect more by opening up your personal space and letting more people in to allow for some different experiences, or just get out of the house and take a break from it all. Whatever you choose, you will find yourself with matters coming to a head and you’ll be wondering just how well your personal life plan is working out.

Taurus: Finish up existing projects and tie up loose ends, as the connections you made recently begin to really take off. This could mean cramming a lot of important last-minute things into the space of a few days, so don’t overschedule yourself in advance. Concentrate on matters that require conclusion and closure. Leave plenty of room for unexpected opportunities that arise and demand your attention but save your new ideas for later when they can be given priority. Think about where you go from here to build on what you have. You’ll find you do eventually enjoy some quiet time at home soon.

Gemini: There’s more intensity than usual around this Full Moon and it’s time to wrap things up financially. Avoid extra spending for a while even though that’s hard to do when things are a little crazy and judgment isn’t always on the mark. Acknowledge what you’ve achieved and what you value. It’s time to really make the most of what you have gained not keep adding to it. Concentrate on reaping the rewards of past good judgment and develop these further. Strengthen the connections with the everyday people in your life, as this will prove to be a good investment in the coming weeks.

Cancer: You may find things get a bit wild mid month and the cause may be you and your heightened energy levels. The drive to push forward is strong and with the internal pressure turned full on, the time is right to bring critical plans to a conclusion. The emphasis is not so much on what you can achieve, but rather who you are. This month you can let your personality take the lead and show the world just what you’re really made of. Getting noticed brings financial and personal benefits. Take what’s yours and let your light shine.

Leo: During this Full Moon you may find yourself in a daydream. It emphasises your need to connect with your quieter self in ways you might have been cut off from lately. In more mundane affairs, things being worked on behind the scenes come to fruition. You may have to take extra precautions if you don’t want plans to come into the light until you are fully ready to go public with them. Avoid any confrontations, which will put you at a disadvantage. Use subtle means to gain your ends if emotions run high and stay centered in the midst of any confusion.

Virgo: Relaxation, comfort with your surroundings, and the warmth of friendship are the theme this Full Moon. Disconnect from the daily grind and tap into your relaxed, easygoing side for a while. Satisfaction comes from just letting things happen for a moment and inviting in the blessings that surround you. If you want some heightened experience there is opportunity waiting in the wings right now. Take the time to put the seal on relationships that elevate and support you. Be creative and focus on projects that inspire you.

Libra: This Full Moon is exactly the right time to attend to career matters that have been under development for a while. The pace of life may be accelerated and lots of last-minute details require your attention. Although you may be tempted to hide yourself away at home, take time out during these few days to wave your own flag, as you’ll have time to withdraw again soon enough. You have a good idea of just where you stand and what people think of you. It’s mostly positive so choose this moment for a well-deserved blast of self-promotion.

Scorpio: This Full Moon has the potential to broaden your horizons. The energy is in the air to expand your window on the world, especially where there has been an ongoing project already in the works. Take advantage of the additional drive and assertiveness available to you. Expect good news on the legal front, as things come to a conclusion, but don’t count your chickens yet, as it’s easy to overestimate right now. Build on new connections and communicate clearly with your neighbours, siblings or workmates before you steam ahead to fulfill your own ambitions later this month.

Sagittarius: If you’ve been looking for a better deal or financial advantage this is the perfect time to pull it all together, providing you’ve done the required groundwork. You may find yourself under pressure to secure some last minute deals or make a deadline, but there’s real long term potential now. Put the finishing touches on restoration projects or clearing off the cobwebs that have been settling on under-used items or projects you put on the back burner. Eliminate any unrealistic plans or useless items you’ve been hoarding. The burst of freedom will do you good.

Capricorn: This is a wonderful time to let your partner shine and just lay back and appreciate it all. It can mean enjoying the benefits of an existing relationship, or it can mean finally fully connecting with someone you’ve been developing something special with for a while. This can apply equally well in business as in romance, as long as you’re dealing with an equal on equal ground. You bring things to full bloom right now, so you can begin harvesting what you have sown. Enjoy the frivolities of the month for a while but be prepared to dive in a little deeper soon.

Aquarius: If your preferred diet or exercise regimen is not working out well for you, ask yourself why not. It could be that you feel you should do more than you actually can this month. Avoid excess and going over the top. After this Full Moon you’ll see your efforts are starting to pay off. Once you’ve completed the finishing touches to your plans, you’ll be able to stand back and take pride in your accomplishments. Soon you’ll want to relax and have the time to enjoy the company of that someone special who has been waiting in the wings.

Pisces: Spontaneity is your favourite word this Full Moon, and it’s time to ‘hang loose’ and have some fun. This is a general time of celebration for all as passion and intensity can run rampant and enthusiasm overflows. If you’re trying to get business done, you’ll be swimming against the tide, so if you have the option, just go with the flow. If you’re working on a creative project, make sure you get it through the final stages before you move on to the next project. Acknowledge the support from those around you as you gather the praise for your efforts.

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