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Posted on: 31st August, 2017

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork, she gives personal consultations and teaches astrology and intuitive guidance classes. email

After the big excitement of last month’s solar eclipse, the September astrology might seem distinctly uneventful. This relatively quiet month doesn’t mean that nothing is happening, it’s just less dramatic and many of us will be glad of a little time to reflect and recuperate after the roller coaster that’s been the story over the last several weeks.

We may not see the after effects of the Leo Solar eclipse for many months but you may already feel that something has changed, even if it’s only on an intuitive level. There is no going back now and it is essential to keep moving forwards into the new territory even if it’s unfamiliar. The ongoing demand to rise above the trivia and drama of modern life is highlighted by the movement of the planets through their subtle shifts this September. A strong emphasis on Virgo describes the current theme in our daily lives. Purify, detoxify, be impeccable and pay attention to the details required to achieve greater natural alignment in whatever area of life is being activated for you currently. These are high standards that the Virgo archetype aspires to and we are being urged to express nothing less than our best qualities now. One by one, through the month, all the personal planets will move to join the Sun in this sign that represents a kind of cosmic order or “rightness”.

The action orientated planet, Mars moves in to this earthy, practical and adaptable sign on the 5th for the first time in two years. The ability to put in some very focused attention is enhanced now. With the Full Moon on the 6th in selfless Pisces joined with Neptune the principle of selfless service and unconditional love are brought to our attention. When otherworldly Neptune gets involved there is often a sense of loss or sacrifice. The letting go of self-orientated thinking and action in favour of serving others requires a move away from ego driven desire towards wanting the good of all. Now is the time to dedicatedly go for the ‘everybody wins’ scenarios! This is a step closer towards recognising that true happiness is intrinsically tied to an ability to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Learning how this works in practical and everyday situations is the theme as more planets move in to Virgo to support us in this lesson.

Also on September 6, Mercury turns direct once more and progresses into Virgo, it’s home sign, on September 10.  The lessons of purification, raised standards and service to others is continued as the Virgo Sun makes a strong connection to Pluto on September 9. Pluto demands the truth, however uncomfortable that may be. The true expression wanted by Pluto is the one which brings us out of our shadow self and into the light of our true being, nothing less. So more letting go of misguided ideals or poorly understood principles will be possible. The idea is to strip away everything which isn’t the real thing, no more pretense, no more substitution, no more faking it! Using the critical and analytical skills of Virgo we can discern and discriminate with great perception during this process of refining ourselves.

As the Moon moves into Virgo to join the Sun for the New Moon phase, Venus also joins the gathering on September 20 to complete the set. Use this time to set your intentions and perfect your will towards higher goals in preparation for Pluto to begin its forward motion once more on September 28. This so called ‘Dwarf Planet’ kicks a mighty punch when it gets in on the scene. It has been in retrograde motion since mid April and will start moving through new territory in early 2018. During these few months we can reflect on what kind of role we have played in society, or within the established community. Has our position been one of a victim to circumstance? Did we become overwhelmed by external influences and lose a sense of autonomy? Have social rules or expectations stifled our ability to act and think from the heart? If there are painful realisations as we contemplate our compromises, the opportunity to reset and renew is available now as the shadows of the past are cast off this month.

Full Moon is at 14° Pisces on September 6 at 7.03am and New Moon is at 28° Virgo on September 20 at 5.30am


Aries: You have a deep longing to seek something, which transcends everyday life. This may manifest itself as inventive, musical or artistic work, which enables you to merge your spirit with a deeper creative flow. You don’t function well in the relative chaos of daily life and need to take time out to appreciate your talents away from distractions. This is a time of reorganising yourself on a subtle level and it’ll take awhile to become aware of the changes. Begin this phase slowly with plenty of time to delve into that impressive imaginative resource that is your inner world.

Taurus: You get a sense of belonging to the people you connect with and know that they also appreciate you. This is a time when you might be thinking more about how well you and your ideals fit in with those around you. You may become aware that you often become quite attached to personal projects and have some difficulty letting go of the reins when other people need to take over. Use this opportunity to make a positive move towards openness and you may discover a talent for working with people in groups, especially if this involves caring or community projects.

Gemini: You establish important personal bonds with the people you work with. You may find yourself playing a significant role, even being out in the public eye. You’re especially able to appreciate what’s needed now. It could be wise to develop some emotional detachment though, just so that you feel less vulnerable. You want to get ahead and be appreciated and now is the time to dream your wildest dreams and even take the risk of following them. Remember that everything you achieve has to be created in your own imagination first.

Cancer: You seek understanding and insight and will probably find yourself able to read or study to attain further knowledge or wisdom. It’s a great time for planning new projects, or rearranging the way you look at things. Patterns you establish now do not need detailed follow-up until later. Be content to focus on the general outline for now. Don’t be surprised if you find an opportunity to travel or make a connection with foreign cultures, as there are valuable exchanges to be had with the wider world. You have much to learn over the next few months.

Leo: Your ability to tune in to the deepest emotional signals in other people is greatly enhanced and if you can face your own inner emotional fears now, you’ll help guide others through theirs. You have the courage to be honest with yourself which encourages others to be honest about their failings too and you’ll be appreciated for the support. Start this next phase with the determination to throw out old worn out ways and unproductive thinking. This is a time of renewal for you, be prepared for some real transformation.

Virgo: Your enormous receptivity to the influence, problems and needs of others gets you the role of counselor. You can give genuine support and nourishment. Take care not to become drained by so much emotional contact though. You can be rather over-sensitive to the demands of others and you may make too many compromises for the sake of emotional peace. Try to find the balance in your most important relationships. You can be very sincere when you want to be but it has to go both ways or you’ll have reason to feel resentful.

Libra: Problems can arise because of some over sensitivity or unconscious reaction. If you can become aware of where you feel your own security is threatened by change you can adapt before it happens. You’ll find yourself happily working on behalf of others now and wanting to be at your best and give your all to improve conditions. Consider which long-term projects will give you the greatest sense of personal achievement and know that if your heart is in it, your mind body and spirit are being looked after.

Scorpio: There is no time like the present when it comes to having fun, entertaining friends or getting cozy with a loved one. Romance in all its forms is demanding to be indulged. Your tendency to yearn for the security of love and intimacy is at a peak and you might find yourself trying to match reality to your fantasy with disappointing results. Whatever you pursue now try to reserve some energy for longer-term projects. Make sure you have plenty of time to relax between social events.

Sagittarius: The bonds to the past may seem stronger at the moment. Fundamental security is a major issue for you now and you’ll be thinking of ways that you can draw something of your past into the present. Reconsider the relationships with people and places that have been important to you. You function best when there is peace on the home front, but you might find yourself distracted by family worries or be concerned with matters of the home, land or property. Finding a way to express some of those deep inner tensions that you’ve allowed to build up is your challenge.

Capricorn: When you communicate, you’ll find you do so with feeling and conviction. This is no time to be taking it easy because your skills are required in many areas and friends and neighbours will benefit from your knowledge. You have a compelling persuasive aura about you now and you are well suited to situations where communication is essential. It may be left to you to dispel confusion over certain matters. Remember to maintain a good pace and you’ll have a lot to be grateful for if you are prepared to be generous in sharing yourself.

Aquarius: The threat of economic insecurity can mean that you are staying longer than necessary in an unsatisfactory situation. Wise decisions are based on knowing what is right for you and not on always playing it safe. Remember that the talents and abilities you have built up over the years are your security and if you put them to good use you will find the stability you’re reaching for. You can truly appreciate what has value and what doesn’t so use this to achieve the success you’re looking for.

Pisces: Trust and intimacy are your concerns right now. Testing the bonds with the people closest to you may show up some weak links. You want to make some kind of statement about who you are and what sets you apart from others rather than what you share in common. It may turn out that you are the one stretching the limits when it comes to personal attachments in your life now. Be sure you know who you really are by taking an identity reality check before you start trying to assess someone else.

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