July Sun Signs

Posted on: 2nd July, 2018

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer, writer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork for over 20 years she gives personal consultations locally and internationally using traditional natal and Horary astrology. email: astro@katearbon www.katearbon.com

New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 21° Cancer on July 13 at 3.48am. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at 5° Aquarius on July 27 at 9.21pm

The New Moon phase is always a significant point in the month to focus on starting a new approach, project or other life development. When there is an eclipse it has greater impact. This Solar eclipse on July 13 is only partial, which means that just a small section of the Moon passes across the face of the Sun so the light is only slightly obscured.

The conjoined Sun and Moon in Cancer are directly opposite Pluto in Capricorn during this eclipse and so the nature of that small but powerful planet is invoked and gives the opportunity to severe or cut loose from deeply troubling issues from the past that have been causing distress in our adult lives. Pluto speaks to us of difficult emotions and thought patterns, which become buried deep within our subconscious. The archetype it represents takes the journey into the shadow areas of our personality and brings whatever is hidden or emotionally troubling into the light, or conscious awareness, to be transformed into wisdom and strength. The July New Moon Eclipse is a time to heal or repair some inner angst or behaviour pattern that has been keeping us from moving forward. The urge to break free may come from within or a crisis will be provoked in some event in our life. The result will be a chance to see what needs to be dropped or relinquished in favour of a new and more appropriate version. This is most likely to be experienced through our finances, close relationships or other areas that express our core values. The very root of some long held or deep-seated problem may easily be weeded out now. The process is supported by a strong grand trine dynamic involving Venus, Saturn and Uranus in earth signs. This provides some stability and the chance for practical application, as endings become welcome new beginnings. Use these few days and the following weeks to make big changes where old ingrained habits or blockages have been holding you back. Difficult relationships can find positive resolutions, money matters or work issues can take a turn for the better and core beliefs can be transformed.

The total Lunar Eclipse on July 27 is going to be a long event of around four hours because the Moon is furthest away from earth then. This suggests that the effects will be long-lasting and have a deep effect. The Full Moon is always a time of culmination and brings things to a head or to the forefront. Following on from the previous New Moon this is a chance to see how the energies have integrated since then. With the Sun in its home sign Leo, the emphasis is on making a statement about who you really are, the best expression of yourself or a gesture of natural pride in yourself. As the shadow of the Earth is cast across the Moon in Aquarius during the eclipse, this is a time to experience your ‘feet of clay’ or the very human side of your nature and how it impacts on, or impairs your higher, more evolved self.

With the ‘hot’ planet Mars conjunct the Moon this can drive deep feeling and emotion towards a need for action. Because Mars is currently in retrograde that urge to ‘do’ something can be focused inwardly and it maybe you will feel you’ve reached a point of no tolerance for being anything less than your best. You may expect others to also display their better selves and conflict may arise if you suspect they are not meeting this expectation. Awareness of our earthly and emotional limitations are uppermost this month. The eclipses give us the ability to loosen some of the familiar but unwanted constraints that keep us from greater spiritual awareness and a more fulfilling human experience.


Aries: If things on the home front aren’t quite to your liking over this New Moon you will have a tendency to fight for your right to peace and harmony. Make sure you express yourself clearly to ensure there is no misunderstanding. Used creatively this phase can lead to new ways of organising and arranging your personal space so it doesn’t overlap that of others. It’s a good time to start new home-related projects as a way to utilise the extra energy in a constructive manner. The only thing you’ll not want to be is idle; the vibes are too intense to just sit on your hands.

Taurus: You feel compelled to start the dialogue with someone. But don’t be too impulsive and if it’s not just a honest chat that’s needed then be sure you get what you’re thinking out there in some form. Whatever happens, it will be nothing but action for the few days over this New Moon with plenty of options. The day is won by multiple, smaller choices made wisely, rather than everything hanging on a single issue. Don’t obsess, just make your decision and move quickly along to the next issue. Big ideas can be formed around the Full Moon

Gemini: Now is a good time to consider how you’re shaping up financially. If things don’t look as rosy as you’d like it may seem quite urgent to act but it’s a time when everything seems a bit more intense, so you may do well to stand back and take a second look before jumping in with both feet. Wise investments made at this time can bring good returns in the next couple of weeks, but ill-conceived spending could drain you in the same time period. Most importantly don’t worry yourself into a frenzy about things that only time can remedy.

Cancer: This New Moon in your own sign marks a time of personal beginnings, when you find yourself in the limelight and all eyes turn to see what you’re going to do next. This may be somewhat startling, as it’s rather different to what you’re used to. You will need to display your self-confidence in a way that wasn’t called on before so take time to consider your next move and then act assertively and with consistency. Be certain you don’t settle for small things when something much bigger will do. Enjoy the generosity of others.

Leo: Regardless of how extrovert and outgoing you might usually feel, this New Moon is a time to withdraw and spend some time alone. You will benefit by taking a few days to rest and recuperate, mentally, emotionally and physically as you revitalise your spirit. You will instinctively know what others need right now too but it’s not your place to fulfill all their desires. Eruptions from the unconscious could bring both troubles and personal revelations to the surface right now, but don’t speak the first thing that comes to mind, or you may say more than you intend to.

Virgo: It can be worth risking upset to get at what you really feel and share it with those that matter the most this New Moon. You instinctively relate to your fellows and very much want them to accept you as you are. Try to wear your heart on your sleeve without worrying about the outcome. The same ability to burst out of your shell will also aid in getting yourself into new company you might have thought didn’t care about you before. An approach of directness and honesty can make you welcome in unexpected places and bring you valuable allies.

Libra: You might have the feeling that the world is your oyster during this New Moon phase because it’s time to consider making a few moves up the ladder towards your goals. But new developments in career matters could find you quite wound up for a couple of days and the pressure to produce can be a bit intense. Too many things happening at once make it hard to keep track of things, but you can’t afford to leave anything out. It is as important to listen now, as it is to act. Take time to plan ahead before you take on any new commitments.

Scorpio: Try to keep both feet on the ground during this New Moon as heightened emotions may run away with you. It’s essential not to lose your head and maintaining a practical approach will certainly pay off. You may get the impulse to take a trip, stretch your boundaries or take up a study course. It’s a great time for planning or rearranging the way you look at things. You need new experiences but avoid hasty commitments, as you don’t want to be tied to something ill-considered or not fully thought out a few weeks down the line.

Sagittarius: Having a finely tuned sixth sense can make you sensitive to the emotions and desires of those around you during this New Moon. But you will need to develop a strong bond with someone before you are able to feel secure enough to express your deeper more private responses. This is a good time to re-evaluate what it is that you pursue, follow or find meaningful because it may turn out that you’ve changed since you last acted so instinctively and if you get what you seek now out of habit it may prove extremely dissatisfying in a very short time.

Capricorn: This New Moon is a particularly good time for finding a new partner or refreshing an existing relationship. You may find a flood of emotional intensity directed your way and how you respond to it could largely shape the direction of an important relationship. Realise that though feelings may be overstated at this time and emotions run hot, the message underneath is sincere and needs to be taken seriously. If you achieve a new closeness enjoy it now, as it’s hard to keep that level of intensity going all month.

Aquarius: It can be easy to get worried about health matters during this New Moon phase, but moderation is the key. The temptation to throw yourself into a new regime may be strong so choose your new course carefully before you embark or it will be a flash in the pan. The same goes for cleaning the house or starting off on a new project. Make sure you’re not demanding too much of yourself in the long run as you will not always have this much drive, and you don’t want to run out of steam because you can’t keep up with yourself.

Pisces: The astral weather is perfect for a party and entertainment this New Moon. In fact, anything you do for enjoyment will seem twice as good right now. Find time to be with children, or just break out the inner child, whilst you can more easily drop your self-consciousness and just have fun. Be creative too, as you’ll find that your imagination flows faster and easier than usual. Be aware though that there can be a fine line between joyous adventure and risky behaviour or over indulgence, so try to stay on the safe side of the line.

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