July Sun Signs

Posted on: 5th July, 2019

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer, writer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork for over 20 years she gives personal consultations locally and internationally using traditional natal and Horary astrology. email: astro@katearbon www.katearbon.com

This month the big sky story is all about the eclipses. These occur several times a  year when the Sun, Moon and Earth line up. At New Moon the Sun is temporarily obscured by the Moon creating a Solar eclipse. At Full Moon the Earth is between the Sun and Moon so it’s shadow is seen across the Moon creating a Lunar eclipse.  During July the two eclipses occur in signs that have been the focus of some dramatic planetary action during the last several weeks. 

Since the build up to the last Full Moon most people will have experienced an intense pressure and frustration with so many planets in opposition. Saturn and Pluto are continuing, for most of this year, to travel together with the North Node through the sign of Capricorn. The message here is to really dig down deep and clear whatever is obstructing or limiting our progress and evolution, as individuals and as a global community. 

This has been a frustrating and tense time with Mars and Mercury in the opposite sign of Cancer triggering events and confrontations. Now as we enter July, Mars has moved out of Cancer, where he was more caring and less fractious, into the fire sign of Leo. Here Mars is energised by the hot blast of  bold Leo dominance. This brings a more creative impulse and the desire to act with confidence and authority, which can also turn to arrogance and misplaced self assurance. 

Hot on the heels of Mars moving into Leo  we have the New Moon eclipse on the 2nd  This puts our attention right back on the theme being played out by the current oppositions in Cancer and Capricorn. The degrees between 17 and 24 of these signs are really getting triggered, so anyone with placements here will be feeling the current challenging trend really strongly. The same is true for the signs of Aries and Libra. As the faster moving planets travel through the sign of Cancer they each in turn oppose Saturn, Pluto and the North Node. When the Moon gets to Full it will be within these critical degrees of Capricorn again. To add to this dynamic, Mercury the planet of mind and communications is going to reverse out of Leo back into Cancer into these critical degrees, as it performs it’s retrograde this month, on the 8th.until 1st August. 

So the theme is all about Cancer and Capricorn this year and especially during July. These two opposite signs represent the beginning of life at birth through the Mother sign of Cancer and the end of life at death through the Time Lord of Capricorn. We are having to pay attention to what we require to be a good human. 

Cancer is connecting us to our vulnerability and openness, how we care  for and support new life, new projects, relationships, ideas etc. Capricorn is reminding us of our resilience to adversity, our wisdom, responsibility and how we uphold what has timeless value.

There is the need to find a balance in how we nurture and care for the inner child and how we support and provide fulfilment for the inner adult. If as an individual. or as a social group, we find we have given too much power to either one of these two archetypes, it’s not possible to be fully functional as an effective human being. It is essential now to become the very best version of a human, this is our current evolutionary phase. 

Where ever this polarity of Cancer Capricorn falls in your own birth chart you will see how this drama is unfolding on a personal level and what area of life is asking for your attention.

This month we have a total Solar eclipse at New Moon in 11° Cancer on the 2nd  July at 8.16pm and a partial Lunar eclipse at Full Moon in 24° Capricorn on the 16th at 10.38pm


Aries: With the Sun and Moon focus on your home and foundations this Solar eclipse will put things in to perspective and allow a new arrangement to be implemented. Where you’ve been feeling the stress of getting your work and family life balanced now you can make some progress again. You will want to initiate the dialogue and have your say. Plain speaking is required but you may be inclined to do a dramatic monologue. Putting yourself in the limelight may not be what you had in mind but getting acknowledged may be what comes with the Lunar eclipse at Full Moon

Taurus: There has been a lot of talk and running around lately and it isn’t about to stop during this New Moon eclipse phase. You may have wanted a steady pace but perhaps not at constant high speed. This still doesn’t feel like progress. Any connections made now are of value and you will realise this in the weeks to come. The details that have been your focus will open out into the bigger plans as we move into the second half of the month. With the Full Moon eclipse you can see the horizon and know where you are heading.

Gemini: You feel the need to address your basic resources and check that you have something to fall back on. There is the sense that you can put things in place to make the financial situation more suitable to your needs. Maybe you will start a new project or cash in on some hidden talents to give you the boost you need around the New Moon eclipse. When the Lunar eclipse passes mid month you will understand where you dependencies lie and how to navigate the low points with more confidence. You may even get some unexpected support and benefit from the efforts of another.

Cancer: If coming out of your shell was ever required now is an easier time to do it. There is a whole new you or makeover to consider. Even just a simple change could set something in motion. Developing your personality and attracting what you need has never been easier. This New Moon eclipse makes you hard to resist. The Full Moon Eclipse will see you connecting to people in a way that feels good even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. You may get used to some extra company and decide that you are being offered a better deal than you had expected.

Leo: There is no doubt that this month is keeping you under the radar and behind the scenes in a way that isn’t your usual mode. It’s certainly the best time for you to do that inner work and get some down time as it’s been more that busy lately. Around the New Moon eclipse a little break or retreat is required, even if it just a few days out of circulation. The worldly expectations and responsibilities will get your attention later in the month with the Full Moon eclipse and you can apply some new found wisdom to managing the daily tasks and commitments

Virgo: This month can bring some surprising benefits and you may see more results from your efforts than you expected during this New Moon eclipse. You have the support of friends and associates right now so accept with grace what comes to you. Your mind has been racing and full of ideas and now you can pull out the best options to make your life a bit more fun and enjoyable. When the Full Moon eclipse passes mid month you can put some plans into action to ensure you get that creative project started, or simply book a few days leisure break.

Libra: With your career and reputation highlighted during the Solar eclipse you can make significant gains regarding your ambitions. Recognition for your efforts and receiving credit for your accomplishments are possible now, but only if you’ve laid the foundations. Certainly now is not the time to mix business with pleasure if you want to avoid trouble. You’ve been feeling the pressure lately and the home front may benefit from your natural love of harmony. Trying out some new styles or just making the required adjustments might “make it” rather than “break it” over the the Full Moon later in the month.

Scorpio: This Solar eclipse is the time to lift yourself out of your usual mundane concerns in order to get a larger perspective on your life. Whilst you have been plugging away and felt overwhelmed at times, now you will reap the benefits. You really can get things up and running to fulfil the broader vision. This chance to see things from a new vantage point will make all the difference in the world. You simply have to maintain the momentum through the month. A teacher or mentor who appears this Full Moon may be particularly important to you later.

Sagittarius: There is no time like the present for checking the balance and flow in your life. It’s not just about material concerns either. Do you have the energy and personal resources to cover you when things are stretched beyond the usual limits? This Solar eclipse may see you looking to others and accepting their support. The test is to see if you can put it all to good use and build on what you have gained later this month. The Lunar eclipse is the chance to use your skills and talents to future proof your energy stores.

Capricorn: The significant relationships that matter most take your attention during this New Moon eclipse. You may have to consider making changes that will allow for greater harmony and mutual benefit. Get to the bottom of things before it’s too late. Once you have all the facts you will be in a much better position to make a decision. The Full Moon phase later this month is a time for getting serious but not at the expense of creating a deeper union. Your ongoing personal development is the foundation to ensure all your close connections thrive.

Aquarius: Doing your best work is always important but not always a priority. During this eclipse and the New Moon you can make the changes that have been waiting in the background. Practical concerns and everyday responsibilities can get the benefit of your full attention early in the month. This is a good time to examine how you use your time and energy, with an eye to improving your efficiency and productivity. Your inner world is going to take the focus later when the Full Moon eclipse mood makes you more mellow and self reflective for a while.

Pisces: You are energized and inspired coming up to this New Moon eclipse time, and you want to express some of the creativity that lies deep within you. You can let yourself be more free, playful, and spontaneous. You are seeing a glimpse of the future and may be more willing to take chances. You can accomplish much if you set your mind to it. It’s later this month that the Lunar eclipse brings some of the rewards and benefits you deserve. The support and encouragement from your extended social group is heart warming.

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