Star Signs for February 2014

Posted on: 5th February, 2014

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

As January retreats in favour of February, the Moon phases also cycle through the seasonal signs. Throughout this year, each New Moon is followed by the Full Moon in it’s opposite zodiac sign. A New Moon will influence the trend for the following weeks. As the light of the Sun increases its illumination of our satellite, until at Full Moon the whole face is visible, the process that was initiated in the previous zodiac sign is brought to fruition. On January 30, the New Moon in Aquarius connected with the planet Uranus. Aquarius is an air sign and represents the flow of information, knowledge and wisdom from the divine, or greater consciousness into the awareness of mankind. Uranus is the planet of liberation, individuality and originality. When it makes a connection it can bring innovative ideas, ‘eureka’ moments and revolution. Some seed of knowledge or spark of inspiration has been germinating. New ideas, fresh thinking, or previously hidden knowledge will come to light, as the Moon reaches its maximum in the Sign of Leo. The fire sign of the Lion represents creative, or heart based intelligence. Dignified and with the courage of spirit, Leo wants to express the power of creative energy. This coming Leo Moon reflects back the full light of the Aquarius Sun whilst they both connect with energising Mars. This combination gives an added drive to the emerging new seed of independent thought. Finding the confidence to express your unique abilities, ideas and attitudes creatively and acting with integrity whilst doing it is certainly achievable this month. The quicksilver planet Mercury, which usually buzzes around the Sun at quite a pace, seems to slow its rate to a standstill during the first week of the month. It appears to turn backwards for a retrograde phase on February 6, which continues throughout February. During these weeks any logical, fast, logistical thinking becomes problematic, whilst the intuitive and creative mind has free range. Our thoughts easily turn within and become more reflective. Rather than trying to meet deadlines, finalise contracts or keep up with the usual flurry of communication, take time to reconsider or pause to find a deeper level. More detail and added information is likely to emerge now so waiting until Mercury moves forward once more will avoid having to make extra changes or adjustments later to accommodate anything new. As March begins we have the next New Moon, in watery Pisces, initiating the next phase. The big planet Jupiter, traditional ruler of Pisces, casts its supportive rays on the Sun Moon combination. This may not be a good time for getting work done or making great advances, especially as the action planet Mars, starts its apparent backward motion at the same time. But this gentle dynamic does bring a ‘feel good’ vibe into the mix and a good opportunity to set out ambitious plans. Allow yourself to dream, let your imagination flow and reach for the ‘impossible’. This month’s Full Moon is at 27° Leo on February 14 at 11:54pm. The next New Moon is at 11° Pisces on March 1 at 8am.


Aries: During this Full Moon phase, your imaginative powers are at a peak and you could enjoy artistic success if you have a creative urge. Whatever you do make sure you give plenty of scope to your originality. Get yourself noticed. You want to have fun and taking chances might pay off. Don't take yourself too seriously and you will reap the rewards. You may be surprised at what you come up with by just playing around with ideas or projects. Your feelings for loved ones are more intense now and children may take an important role in your life at this time.

Taurus: Home and family matters occupy your thinking during this Full Moon. Concentrate your energy into ventures that give you a sense of security and wellbeing. You’ve given all you can to worldly affairs for a while and now you may feel like staying home and building up your reserves. Sticking with familiar surroundings and intimate company takes the stress out of socialising and striving. You need some freedom to nurture what’s really important to you. This is a good time to complete unfinished projects and don’t expect to get started on anything new just yet.

Gemini: You may find yourself called on by neighbours or asked to get involved with community activities during this Full Moon phase. You've cast your net wide during the last two weeks and the urge to get out and about to make connections is strong. You may feel restless if you don’t find activities that stimulate your mind. A lot of energy may be used up in trivial or lighthearted conversation but going deep isn’t the mood of the moment. Seek out alternatives to what you already know. Catch up on correspondences or to do some creative writing. News and information is flowing your way.

Cancer: This Full Moon phase finds you concerned with your material and financial security. Impulse buying, or conversely, stinginess might be a problem now depending on how you feel about the state of your resources. This is a good time to consider if you are making the best of your natural skills and talents. You might be underestimating yourself or not yet utilising all the tools in your bag for your greater benefit. Actual money isn’t the only source of wealth and you may find you have abundance in another form.

Leo: During this month’s Full Moon phase your own needs and personal vitality are priority. The emphasis is on putting the stamp of your individuality on everything you do. Relationships are a two-way flow but now you want the ball back in your court. You are especially sensitive to environmental conditions and your own moods and this doesn't make for sharing. Others may find you overbearing or self-centered. Take the chance for some solo fun. Getting a glimpse of your unique personality in action gives you a better sense of who you are.

Virgo: Your inclination is to shun the limelight and keep pretty much to yourself during the Full Moon period. You can be very productive throughout this phase by just quietly working away behind-the-scenes in seclusion. Taking time out to relax, daydream or meditate regenerates the spirit and brings you closer to your creativity. Reconnecting with your inner world is important for your sense of equilibrium. Valuable insights and breakthroughs are possible. Enjoy the quiet ‘alone time’ whilst you can as the demands of your outer world will encroach again soon enough.

Libra: During this period it's who you know rather than what you know that matters now. You've wanted more creativity and time to enjoy life so this is a good time to crank up your social life and meet people; the benefits will soon follow. This Full Moon highlights your position within your community, in group ventures, or projects, which involve others of like mind. The phrase ‘what you put in is what you get out’ holds very true for you now. You can see that what you have to offer is appreciated by those concerned and this is a time of reaping the rewards of your past contributions.

Scorpio: Now you can easily balance the demands of your work or public life and the needs of your family. Vocational concerns are likely to dominate your thinking during this Full Moon. If you’re not already striking out to fulfill your ambitions then now is the time to make plans for your future. Getting yourself some recognition for what you do well takes on extra significance. Self-acknowledgment only takes you so far and for now you need some approval from those you respect. If you want to launch your career or go a step further then move to build on what you have accomplished.

Sagittarius: During this Full Moon travel, higher learning, study and spiritual matters can occupy your mind. You've had your fill of the ‘hum drum’ in life and you’re likely to want freedom to explore new ground or invite new experiences into your life. This is a great time to think big and make the most of opportunities that come your way. An overseas contact may get in touch or new information provides the chance to break out from any restricting routines to try something different. Be prepared to open your mind to new ideas and lifestyles.

Capricorn: This Full Moon might be a trying period. You may feel unusually anxious and worried about all manner of things. Your attention is being drawn to the patterns that create life’s ups and downs. During this phase you may be focused on the negative side of a cycle at the expense of the positive. This is a slow growth moment and likely not as productive as you hoped. This necessary pause gives you time to consider what is truly worth keeping and what you can dispense with. It’s a great opportunity to smooth out what doesn’t flow well in your life in preparation for the next phase.

Aquarius: Make this Full Moon an opportunity for dealing with any relationship issues. Personal and professional partnerships need your attention now. You are aware of how much you have to give but guard against taking others for granted; they won't appreciate it if you do. You have the most freedom when you can get things into a healthy balance so finding a win win situation for everyone has to be your goal. Interesting and stimulating people may come into your life now and you’ll want to find time for intimate encounters or shared experiences.

Pisces: You’ll benefit from making adjustments to your routine especially if you’ve been overdoing it lately. Pay attention to what you eat and what you do physically during this Full Moon phase so you can maintain your vitality. This is a good time to organise your work environment and make it more efficient. You're prepared to do the tedious work and the necessary tasks that don’t reap obvious rewards. Not feeling at peak performance level means you need to take a slow and measured pace. Don't be too surprised at how much can be achieved when you get down to it.

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