Don’t let the summer pass you by

Posted on: 3rd August, 2017

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Contributor: Louise O'Dwyer

Don’t worry, you are not alone, August has crept up on everyone this year. Of course we want July to last forever but unfortunately, it has to come to an end sometime. It is the month of partying, going to great music gigs, having dinner at any time, wearing as little as possible and not caring about housework…AT ALL. The realisation that the summer is starting to begin its hibernation trail is like a good hard smack in the face. We need to make the very most of the days that we have left. Do not miss out on one single opportunity to stay outside…even for just a little longer than normal.

Treasure that feeling of wearing flip-flops or sandals. It is simply ‘good for your soul’ because all too quickly we will be snuggled up in fleece socks again. I repeat things only when it’s worth it and reminding you to regularly soak your feet in water is top of my list. It is a feel-good, de-tox, beautifying process that is free and yet priceless. Change your nail polish colour regularly, choose colours that scream ‘I’M ALIVE’. We all tend to forget that our feet take the weight of our bodies, doesn’t it make sense that we should be taking extra special care of them? Make sure to rub on some moisturiser as often as you can, you might not be a trained reflexologist but just know that rubbing your feet is very therapeutic. Hey, if your significant other offers to rub your feet then ‘snap it up’ as often as you can…a bonding, relaxing, therapeutic session all-in-one. With the pace of most people’s lives, it might be the only time that you get to connect with each other!

Some days it will be hot, then it will rain and out of nowhere there could be ‘the chill factor’, so what to wear in August? Always bring a denim jacket with you, you might not need to wear it all day but there might be at least two or three times that you could end up needing just a little extra coverage. It’s not fussy yet very chic and does exactly what you need it to. Light and airy long summer dresses are fantastic – they get 10/10 on a hot day, yet still give coverage on a day that can be dramatic weather-wise. Having a little cardi rolled up in your bag will save the day or perhaps the tiniest fold up umbrella. This year in particular, I found that I wore very lightweight long sleeve dressy tops more than ever before. I found a few great 70s-style stunning coloured tops that will carry me right through the next few weeks. Winners all around, as they let you breathe, look amazing and nullify the need for any jacket or cardi. Team with a cigarette trouser or skinny jeans and wedges and you are ready for any event.

August can be a super time to take advantage of summer clothes at sale prices…if you need more, that is! Forty to seventy per cent off can sound like an amazing deal, and it is, but if you only buy something because of how much it was discounted, chances are it will never leave your wardrobe! Be clever. Buy what you like and what you wear, not what you might wear once or what you might like to wear if you had a little more confidence. Be clear and disciplined – make a wish list of what you actually DO need and establish a budget. Of course you do know that shops tend to be less full first thing in the morning, allowing you the space to scan everything a shop has to offer and you are less likely to be stuck in a queue for the fitting rooms too.

Before you deplete your entire ‘sale’ budget on clothes that are very much ‘on-trend’, bear in mind that trends move on quickly so that when you take out something next summer (having never had the opportunity to wear it this year) it might already be ‘past tense’! Quality always wins, feels better on your body and looks better too so if you finish your sale shopping with just one ‘tasteful’ item, then well done you. When I see women juggling ten shopping bags at sale time, I think of the statistics…panic buying during a sale means that you will most likely only wear 10 per cent of what you have bought – IMPRINT THIS ON YOUR BRAIN. Organisation and planning is a life skill that wins when it comes to shopping too – that doesn’t mean that you need to take the fun out of it, it just means that you ensure the clothes you end up buying are ‘you’ clothes.

A classic cut is a winner all year round so summer sale shopping should be dictated by classic buys, whether it is a dress, a jacket, trousers or shoes. Timeless clothes really do whisper confidence and elegance and then throw in a little bit of your personality by adding something that nobody else would wear with a classic piece (slip in a cheap and cheerful piece here). I keep coming across women who say…’I’d love to have the confidence to wear that’. My answer, do it and enjoy the feel good factor. Unless someone has magically created a drink that will give you more confidence (HA), know that we are all just ‘acting as if’. It is in the wearing of something, the act of doing something that grows your confidence…not sitting on the fence waiting for it to just happen…because it won’t. Having confidence is comparable to having a good friend, it takes time and work and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. There is an element of risk involved, pretending you have confidence when you might be screaming inside is huge, but there are times when you can cheat the brain into thinking that you have the ‘whole thing sussed’…and then you find that you relax…and it gets easier the next time…be that voice that tells yourself to ‘try it out’ or ‘give it a go’, or maybe some days it might just be ‘it’s ok not to be ok today’.

Always remember that we are all the same, have the same fears, want the same fun, love being loved, want to look good, feel like crap sometimes, love shoes, compare ourselves to everyone, need a hug, want to help, hide our tears and have the hardest time turning that voice down inside our heads that tells us that we are ‘not enough’. The funny thing about all of the above is that it makes us HUMAN and it makes us REAL. BE YOURSELF, it is a truly wonderful thing but never ever be afraid to wear something that you like and know that some of the best stylists and designers in the world started out by taking by a risk, with little confidence in themselves, unsure of what people would think yet knowing deep inside that it was more important to JUST DO IT (the creator of NIKE knew this) than never to have tried. Play the game of life, don’t just watch it being played… is always worth it.


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