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On Sabbatical

Posted on: 4th March, 2019 in The Wine Buff

Tony will be taking a break for the next few months but we look forward to welcoming him back in the near future....

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Wine and weddings – then and now

Posted on: 4th February, 2019 in The Wine Buff

The Marriage at Cana, as described in the Gospel of John,  refers to the event when the wine ran out at a wedding in Cana, Galilee, and Jesus performed a sign of his glory by turning water into wine.  The...

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Favourite wine books

Posted on: 14th January, 2019 in The Wine Buff

I was reading in my Sunday newspaper that books about Brexit are flying off the shelves in the United Kingdom. Another topic that appears to be flourishing in the shops appears to be all things associated with the appreciation of...

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Christmas in Venice

Posted on: 10th December, 2018 in The Wine Buff

Christmas in Venice would be wonderful. In the winter Venice takes on a mystical air and one can move around freely in this most beautiful of cities, which understandably gets very crowded in the summer. Three tips if you are...

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Valpolicella – then and now

Posted on: 5th November, 2018 in The Wine Buff

Some of you will remember the days when Valpolicella was synonymous with the great Italian wine lake of cheap and sometimes cheerful inexpensive reds. Well, all has changed. These are exciting times for the wine, which was first cultivated by...

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Bordeaux satellites

Posted on: 8th October, 2018 in The Wine Buff

No, we are not referring to spacecraft sent up from the famous capital of the Aquitaine, but rather sub-regions of the famous Bordeaux wine growing area in the southwest of France. You are probably familiar with the most famous Bordeaux...

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First impressions

Posted on: 10th September, 2018 in The Wine Buff

Referring back to my article about best Italian Lakes’ hotels, we recently visited a hotel, which could have been included on the list. It has the same special combination of lake and mountains and is an excellent family-run hotel with...

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Wine supermarkets in France

Posted on: 8th August, 2018 in The Wine Buff

When our sons were schoolboys we took our ‘foreign’ holidays in Brittany and Normandy. As is the case today, it was possible to travel by ferry from Ireland to Roscoff in Brittany and Cherbourg or Le Havre in Normandy. Our...

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