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A history of the West Cork League

Posted on: 6th October, 2014 in The History Corner

It’s October and the West Cork League has gotten back into full swing. As someone who actually plays in the League, I’ve been interested in learning the story of how it started. West Cork is a GAA stronghold so how...

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The legacy of O’Donovan Rossa

Posted on: 8th September, 2014 in The History Corner

West Cork is blessed to have many iconic freedom fighting heroes. Michael Collins is the obvious example, along with the men of the flying column. One man not so widely acknowledged is Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa. People are aware of the...

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The Clon man who went into Labour

Posted on: 6th August, 2014 in The History Corner

When people think of the Labour movement or socialism in Ireland the names of James Connolly and James Larkin immediately spring to mind. They are the towering figures of socialist history. Outside of these two, there were many prominent men...

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The Bandon – Toronto connections

Posted on: 7th July, 2014 in The History Corner

IMAGES ABOVE: (l)William Warren Baldwin (r) Robert Baldwin Sullivan. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, in fact it’s one of the largest cities in North America. It’s a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural city. In the 1800s its development was greatly influenced by...

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1914 – The great ‘What if?’

Posted on: 4th June, 2014 in The History Corner

ABOVE: (left) Gavrilo Princip, a Yugoslav nationalist changed the course of Irish history by killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo; (right) John Redmond was the most important Irish politician of his time but today he is barely remembered.  This month is the...

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Irish in the ‘land of silver’

Posted on: 6th May, 2014 in The History Corner

Above: (left) Murdered journalist Rodolfo Walsh and (right) Admiral William Brown We Irish have emigrated around the world. From close to home to far flung destinations, the Irish have settled there. Everywhere we go we tend to leave an indelible mark...

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Did Eisenhower have an affair with a West Cork woman?

Posted on: 7th April, 2014 in The History Corner

Above: Kay Summersby in 1944 During World War II, a West Cork woman became a figure of scandal in US military circles. It was believed that she was having an affair with a high ranking US officer; an officer that...

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History of the West Cork Rally

Posted on: 6th March, 2014 in The History Corner

The Cork Motor Club was formed in 1976 to promote motorsport in the Cork area. Luckily at the same time, people in Clonakilty were looking for a new event to expand the tourist season in the town. The idea of...

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