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Making a match in times gone by

Posted on: 6th February, 2017 in The History Corner

Valentine’s season is upon us yet again, and as such, florists rejoice and couples the world over take a moment or two to show a bit of appreciation for their partners. Undoubtedly, the day serves as a time for such...

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A towering concern: Uncertainty lingers in the aftermath of Trump’s election

Posted on: 5th December, 2016 in The History Corner

The drab, grey sky hung like a morose fog over the hustle and bustle of New York City, reflecting the mood of the day below. The usually upbeat, rhythmic ebb and flow of midtown Manhattan appeared more sluggish than any...

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The Battle of Jutland and finding the local narrative in World History

Posted on: 8th November, 2016 in The History Corner

On the evening of October 13, Tony McCarthy delivered a well-attended lecture, sponsored by Dúchus Clonakilty, entitled ‘The Battle of Jutland – A Cork Tragedy’ in The Parish Centre, Clonakilty. Amongst those in attendance were a number of individuals whose...

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Reviving the ‘Gaelic Authoress’: Local branches of Condradh na Gaeilge and Cumann Seanchais honour revivalist

Posted on: 10th October, 2016 in The History Corner

It’s been a month of headlines for the Irish language. I suppose one might say that tá sé ag éirí trendy, as the Belfast poet Gearóid Mac Lochlainn once said. About a month ago, in what became a highly publicised...

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Martin McCarthy’s ‘Committal of two Mallow children to an industrial school in 1893’

Posted on: 5th September, 2016 in The History Corner

Book Review At Mallow petty sessions on 31 October 1893, it was ordered that in accordance with the Industrial Schools Act of 1868, two young Cork girls, Elizabeth and Bridget McCarthy, were to be committed to an industrial school in...

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An raibh tú ag an gCarraig? Deep in Vermont’s woods lies the story of West Cork’s Rev. Jeremiah O’Callaghan

Posted on: 5th August, 2016 in The History Corner

This semester while teaching a University-required class on literature and poetry, I often found myself combating what, at best, could be characterised as disinterest amongst many of my students. However, in a world in which reality television is a favourite...

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‘An Exile’s Keepsakes’: the times and travels of Clonakilty’s Eugene Davis

Posted on: 10th June, 2016 in The History Corner

“I have them still, though many years Life’s load on me have pressed, Since first I caught them through my tears Imprisoned on my breast, As o’er the waves the vessel sped That bore me far away From where my...

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The Dying Rebel: Remembering Seán Hurley and the road to revolution

Posted on: 4th April, 2016 in The History Corner

Throughout Ireland’s long struggle for independence, the ballad, or hero song, emerged as a cultural staple for commemorating historical events and figures in public form. While such songs can often miss the historical complexities of the time periods that they...

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