Calculating your sun protection period

Posted on: 9th June, 2017 in Health

What an amazing start to our summer this year – a sizzling heat wave in May! I thought this month I would take a look at the difference between natural and chemical sunscreens, because I think it’s good to be...

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Treating hayfever naturally

Posted on: 15th May, 2017 in Health

Summer is certainly coming! Great news for most of us, as we welcome the lengthening of the days, unfortunately for others this means the start of the dreaded hay fever season. Personally I have never suffered from this condition, but...

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25 years and counting…the story of Organico

Posted on: 10th April, 2017 in Health

When my father Alan opened Organico I was 16, my sister Rachel was 13, Aoife was 10 and Jaime was only 7. We all absolutely LOVED playing shop, and we took to working Saturdays and school holidays like ducks to...

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Natural care for all types of skin

Posted on: 7th March, 2017 in Health

I don’t know about you, but I love looking after my skin these days. Where brushing teeth can (wrongly I know!) feel like a chore, taking care of my skin feels like a treat, especially when I find natural products...

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Is coffee an addiction or a healthy drink?

Posted on: 6th February, 2017 in Health

Let’s face it: many of us love our coffee! But is it a guilty pleasure or a healthy drink that is good for us? It feels like one day we see studies that support coffee and the next day we...

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Healthy January – but where should I start?

Posted on: 17th January, 2017 in Health

New year, new resolutions – it can be hard to know where to start with your health, and I know I feel a little on the back foot after Christmas indulgences. The New Year is a great time to make...

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Happy tummy – Happy Christmas!

Posted on: 6th December, 2016 in Health

When our digestive system is struggling, it can be very draining. Up to 15 per cent of our energy goes on digesting our food; and I don’t know about you but I have always found Christmas to be the most...

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Protecting your eyes – naturally

Posted on: 8th November, 2016 in Health

Shakespeare is known for saying our eyes are the windows to our soul. I was squinting recently to watch an escaped helium balloon disappear into the blue sky when it struck me just how precious my vision is. It’s a...

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