A West Cork Life

Blessed kindness

Posted on: 5th October, 2015 in A West Cork Life

Ireland has a reputation for being a friendly country. In fact, the country’s friendliness is as iconic as Guinness, and the cliffs of Moher.  It has become a marketing cliché along with spectacular landscapes, pub music session, and wild weather....

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September songs

Posted on: 10th September, 2015 in A West Cork Life

There’s something about September. Time seems to speed up as the Lyme trees in the front field turn brown, reminding me that Autumn is just around the corner. I no longer have school age children, so I don’t have the...

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Stranger danger

Posted on: 4th August, 2015 in A West Cork Life

Let me put this right out there: The weather sucks. Enough said. A month ago, I came back from the South of France, tanned and full of beans. The tan is fading, but I’m holding on to the beans for...

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If I were you, I wouldn’t start from here

Posted on: 6th July, 2015 in A West Cork Life

Living in rural West Cork, you get pretty good at directions. Learning to give precise directions is important otherwise my visitors end up driving around and around for hours, passing Ballineen once every few goes until they are rescued by...

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Thank you

Posted on: 8th June, 2015 in A West Cork Life

May 2015 was a rollercoaster ride. For the record, I had no apparent stake in the Marriage Equality Referendum. I’m not Irish, so I can’t vote in national/presidential elections, or in any referendum. Though I’ll happily engage in political discussions...

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Hoping for the big ‘H’

Posted on: 5th May, 2015 in A West Cork Life

Spring is in the air, and ain’t it just swell!  Winter is definitely gone. The swallows are back and the hedgerows are fit to burst. Lambs and calves gambol in the fields, while the ewes and heifers lie sunning themselves....

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The dreaded Lurgy

Posted on: 7th April, 2015 in A West Cork Life

The sun is shining, the buds are ready to burst, the daffodils are putting on a spectacular “Spring is Here!” showcase, but I couldn’t care less. After two years of smug good health, the dreaded Lurgy has got me in...

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Free-range children

Posted on: 9th March, 2015 in A West Cork Life

One of the main reasons that I moved to West Cork from Brussels, over twenty years ago, was that my eldest was 12-years-old and I wanted her and her siblings to be able to go out unsupervised, as I had...

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