A Flavour of West Cork

An old favourite dressed up with buffalo cheese

Posted on: 6th March, 2014 in A Flavour of West Cork

We arrived home from our holiday to find the place rearranged by the wild weather and we were surprised to find how much had moved. The beach was reorganised, as was the view with several trees missing and the tunnels...

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Spicy goodness to put a spring in your step

Posted on: 5th February, 2014 in A Flavour of West Cork

As soon as I land in Thailand I have a yen for Som Tam. This spicy, zesty salad is sold on the street, in the bus stations and at all the little restaurants. In fact it’s pretty much everywhere and...

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Recipe from Penang

Posted on: 15th January, 2014 in A Flavour of West Cork

Penang is the food capital of Malaysia. It’s a large island on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia on the Strait of Malacca. There is an incredible mix of people living here; Malays, Chinese, Indians and of course all of...

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Edible stained glass decorations

Posted on: 31st December, 2013 in A Flavour of West Cork

Here is a recipe that I have been playing with. It is a simple spiced biscuit recipe with a ‘stained glass’ window, which is very satisfying to make as it actually works. Admittedly it took me two attempts to reach...

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