A Flavour of West Cork

Instant tapas

Posted on: 1st December, 2015 in A Flavour of West Cork

I’ve been thinking about what to write for this Christmas edition and decided that, as the garden is just about asleep, I would go to the store cupboard for inspiration. We always have a jumble of canned beans, tuna, anchovies,...

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Live to one hundred on a diet of minestrone

Posted on: 3rd November, 2015 in A Flavour of West Cork

On a recent trip to Sardinia we visited an agriturismo in the hills above Tempio Pausania. Admittedly we didn’t get to see much of the countryside due to the insane rain – it dumped thirteen centimetres in one day, which...

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Halloween worm fritters

Posted on: 5th October, 2015 in A Flavour of West Cork

Between the sunshine and the rain there’s still plenty of growing going on in our garden. Autumn brings an abundance to eat and as this summer wasn’t particularly warm a lot of vegetables took their time ripening. The pumpkins are...

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Better butterbeans baked Greek-style

Posted on: 10th September, 2015 in A Flavour of West Cork

We’ve an interesting harvest of beans in the garden this summer. I went a bit bean crazy in the spring, so confidant was I that we were going to have another hot summer. I had a collection of seed gathered...

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‘Scoffin’ pink vegetable treats

Posted on: 4th August, 2015 in A Flavour of West Cork

The rainy weather this past July didn’t stop the garden growing, in fact the potatoes, brassicas and beetroots are luxuriating in the wet soil and are growing faster than the weeds, which really is a blessing. We had a bumper...

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Low carb courgette crust pizza

Posted on: 6th July, 2015 in A Flavour of West Cork

Sometimes I wonder why we spend so much time tending our garden when I’d really rather just chill out with my feet up, but when June arrives and delivers such an abundance of small and tasty fruits and vegetables to...

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Finding herb heaven in Syros

Posted on: 8th June, 2015 in A Flavour of West Cork

This month’s recipe comes from Syros, a Greek island in the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. We have done a house swap with a lovely Greek couple, one of who is a wonderful cook. We made the connection through some...

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What to do with radishes

Posted on: 5th May, 2015 in A Flavour of West Cork

We have been having a seed sowing frenzy. The glasshouse looks like seedling central and is jammed full of seed trays with little plants growing away, very happily I might say with the delightful weather that we had in April....

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