Star Signs for May 2014

Posted on: 6th May, 2014

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork for the last 10 years, she gives personal consultations and teaches astrology and intuitive guidance

This merry month is the start of the summer season and begins with our customary Mayday holidays. Referred to as Beltane and usually celebrated as May 1, we are marking a cross quarter day. The four fire festivals, Beltane in May, Lughnasadh in August, Samhain in November and Imbolc in February, are remnants from a series of three day long festivities each marking a significant point on the Sun’s path through its seasonal journey. Several times over the centuries the yearly calendar has been changed so the holiday dates no longer coincide with the actual Solar events. On May 5 this year, when the Sun moves to 15° Taurus, we are at the halfway point, the cross quarter, between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. To the ancient Chaldean astrologers and their predecessors these were important rhythmic astronomical events within much larger cycles. May day celebrations in particular became associated with a raunchy time and much practicing of various fertility rites. This May, both the planets Venus and Mars, commonly associated with physical love and relationships are highly significant.

In the wake of the Grand Cardinal Cross of April, we will all have been realigned, rerouted or had something removed or redefined in our lives. This may have happened on a subtle inner level or quite distinctly through outer events but something personal will have changed lately. As the immediate tension of the last months declines we will continue to experience the after shocks and repercussions of events now set in motion. Each time the zodiac degrees of the recent Grand cross or eclipses are triggered in the next months by Lunar phases or other planetary transits the situation will progress. Though unless you are directly affected by events the consequences may not be immediately obvious.

Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter all get a prompt from Venus, planet of love and beauty, mid month. Just as the Full Moon increases to full potency, Venus, now in feisty Aries, the natural home of Mars, makes a challenging square angle to Pluto. This provocative energy can bring a sense of compulsion to any desires, a feeling that it’s ‘do or die’ to gain what you value. Maybe what was once important is revealed to be much less desirable in this new light. As Venus moves on to connect with Uranus on May 16 there could be sparks flying with sudden and exciting changes in any affairs of the heart. There is more than a hint of adventure for anyone who dares to strike out. An unplanned departure from your usual tastes might be the stimulation you need to break free of an old association in preference for something new. Be aware of opportunity as Venus makes a challenging connection with expansive Jupiter on May 18 but the danger lies in going too far or taking on more than you can manage later.

As our action focused planet, Mars, journeys through the sociable sign of Libra, natural home to Venus, he has been less than comfortable and distinctly thwarted since his retrograde phase started in early March. Now on May 20, he finally turns direction to move forward once more. Expect a release of tension and a readiness for action not really felt since last December. With both love and lust planets in each others’ signs they are definitely working as a pair. Until Venus moves on into her own sign of Taurus just after the New Moon, the emphasis is on making connections, fulfilling desires and achieving personal goals. If the partnership area of your birth chart is also in on the action it could mean the start of a new romance.

This month’s Full Moon is at 24° Scorpio on May 14 at 8:17pm and the New Moon is at 8° Gemini on May 28 at 7:40pm

Aries: If you've been working towards a better deal on a mortgage, loan or ways to increase the cash flow this is a likely time to pull it all together. This is a good moment to reassess any area of life that that makes you dependant on others for your support and ensure you are clear about official or informal contracts and any personal agenda that may be an issue later. You'll need to focus on the details over the next few weeks. This Full Moon energy also provides the required inspiration for putting finishing touches on restoration projects and you'll have the determination to clear out any unwanted clutter you've been ignoring.

Taurus: Having embarked on a new yearly cycle last month you and others can appreciate the results of a boost in your self-esteem or raised energy levels during this Full Moon phase. With the focus on relationships it can mean reaping the benefits of an existing partnership, or finally connecting fully with someone who you've been developing a significant contact with for a while. Any partnership, business or romance, can enjoy the extra focus of Lunar energy. You will find your attention move to the area of personal resources soon enough, so allow the sharing moments you experience now to support your sense of self worth in the coming weeks.

Gemini: You may have been withdrawn or just happily ticking over for a while but during this Full Moon phase you'll want to focus your attention on the practical demands of life again. Feeling you can do more than you really need to can create some stress but once you've completed the finishing touches, you'll be able to stand back and take pride in your accomplishments. This is the time to kick old habits and break up unproductive routines. If you want to finally achieve something from a diet or exercise regimen now is the time. Any self-improvement effort pays off.

Cancer: Don't try to hard to get business done, you'll be swimming against the tide this Full Moon. If you've been working on a project, follow it through to the final stages but take a break before you move on to the next idea. If you have the choice just let go of any plans and go with the flow. Creative passion and intensity can run rampant and enthusiasm overflows. Spontaneity is the magic word and it’s time to relax and simply have some fun. Fully appreciate the support and encouragement from those around you as you gather the praise for your efforts. You can take time out for inner reflection later this month.

Leo: Matters are coming to a head during this Full Moon and you may be wondering just how well your personal life plan is working out. Getting the work/home balance right could be the issue. You find you could use a little more room at home if the outside world seems to be encroaching. Other people are taking up a lot more psychic energy than usual and you can get on each other's nerves. If you willingly open up your personal space to let more people in, getting out and taking a break from it all will give some much needed ‘down time’ and refresh your enthusiasm for making new connections.

Virgo: You may have to take care of several important last-minute things in the space of a few days over the Full Moon, so don't over fill your schedule in advance. Concentrate on sorting out the details. Save your new ideas for later when they can get proper attention. The demands of everyday affairs might be time consuming but make sure you finish up any correspondence and tie up loose ends. The connections you have established begin to really amount to something. Think about where you go from here and build on what you have already set in motion. You’ll find you enjoy some acknowledgement soon enough in the coming weeks.

Libra: You should concentrate on reaping the rewards of past good judgement and efforts made to balance your resources. Avoid extra spending for a while longer even though that's hard to do during this Full Moon phase just when things are a little crazy in that area. It's a time to show off what you value, recognise your talents and skills and make the most of them. Use what you already have, you don't need to keep adding to it now. There’s every opportunity for more activity and a widening of your horizons later in the month so reserve your energy for making new plans during the next few weeks.

Scorpio: You may find things get extra intense during the Full Moon phase and one of the causes may be you. With the Sun lighting up your relationships and Mars changing direction again the energy shift may leave you a little dizzy, but that's part of the current picture. The time is right and the internal pressure is turned full on to bring critical plans to a conclusion. The emphasis is not so much on what you've done, but rather who you are. Getting noticed brings rewards and it's the right time to let the world know just what you're all about.

Sagittarius: During this Full Moon period you may seem preoccupied with mulling over recent events and reflecting on what part you played in them. Valuable insights and breakthroughs are possible. Reconnecting with your inner world is important for your sense of equilibrium. Regenerating the spirit brings you closer to your creativity. Enjoy the quiet ‘alone time’ whilst you can, as the demands of your outer world will encroach again soon enough. Later this month you will find that your everyday life and future plans will need to be adjusted to accommodate others. Avoid confrontations by using your intuitive sense in negotiating an advantage if emotions run high.

Capricorn: Comfort with your surroundings and the warmth of friendship can be the theme of this Full Moon. Make time to affirm those relationships that elevate and reinforce you or your efforts. If you're willing to disconnect from the daily grind and tap into your relaxed, easy going side for a while you can get a sense of the support that’s available to you. Satisfaction comes from just letting things happen for a moment and inviting in the blessings that surround you despite the trials of daily existence. Creative projects or pursuits inspire you and the opportunity for peak experiences exist now.

Aquarius: This Full Moon is the perfect time to attend to career matters that have been under development for a while. Recently you may have been inclined to hide yourself away at home so you could focus on personal affairs. Choose this moment to come out with a blast of self-promotion, whatever it is you do. Take any opportunity during these few days to wave your own flag and blow your own trumpet. The pace will be accelerated, last-minute offers come flying in and your participation is required. You have the chance to see exactly where you stand and what people think of you – and you might even find it pleasantly rewarding.

Pisces: This Full Moon has the potential to broaden your horizons. The energy is in the air to expand your window on the world, especially where there has been an ongoing project already in the works. Expect good news on the legal front, or if you've been waiting on a decision regarding education or travel opportunities. Things finally come to a conclusion but don't count your chickens quite yet, as it's easy to over estimate or over commit right now. Build new connections and communicate clearly with those who support or promote you. Plans put into action now should pave the way to fulfilling your own ambitions later this month.

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