Star Signs for December 2016

Posted on: 6th December, 2016

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork, she gives personal consultations and teaches astrology and intuitive guidance classes. email

The early part of this month is very much under the influence of Saturn as the Sun approaches its annual conjunction with this sombre planet. Seriousness is definitely one of Saturn’s traits but he also sets us limitations and structure, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a planet of consolidation, commitment and endurance. So when the Solar light touches on this particular archetype we get some illumination as to what is really working for us in our life and what needs attention if we want to offload or reorganise what’s not supporting us. During the first two weeks and over the Full Moon phase we can put some consideration towards the area of life that requires this mature approach. (If you have a planet or significant point at 18 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo or Gemini in your birth chart this will be especially activated now.) With Saturn there is always a need for a “reality check” and this is a good time to do a review of your progress or situation and plan out the required action and steps to take over the next months.

As the Moon waxes to full it also moves to be opposite Saturn before it aligns with the Sun’s position. This puts the Full Moon tension on highlighting the importance of the kind of information we take seriously. This could be on the grandest scale of our spiritual belief or simply the mundane trivia of everyday talk. What we take as true and relevant can become a ‘fact’ or ‘doctrine’ that we use to base our life decisions on. Mid month may be a time to consider if some of these basics are still true for us.

As the month progresses and the Sun approaches its farthest position north of the equator at Solstice on December 21 we can know that the days will now begin to lengthen again here in the northern hemisphere. This is certainly a time for celebration and the Holiday season begins in earnest. The planetary dynamics around this time suggest that the last weeks of the year will be a time of change and a breakaway from the tried and tested patterns. There will be a strong urge to find what is truly meaningful or a more authentic expression of individual thought rather that blindly follow the old traditions. The expansive planet Jupiter moves into an opposition to the eccentric planet Uranus. This may bring winds of change and unexpected diversions from the usual course of events. But this also is not necessarily going to be a bad experience – not unless a severe rigidity is enforced.

This tense configuration, which is exact over December 25 and 26 is supported by Saturn, which brings some stability and a measured approach and also Venus in Aquarius which wants a social freedom and is open to diversity and difference. This energy really can give the opportunity for inclusion and acceptance. It offers tolerance and balance as well as revolution and breakthrough.

The year ends on the back of the New Moon in Capricorn on December 29, which is combined with a retrograde Mercury. Appropriately, reflection on the past is the theme, looking back and then setting the seeds of growth for the New Year. The whole of this month brings potential release from what we want to leave behind and the opportunity to establish a future that is more closely aligned to who we have become.

The Full Moon is at 23° Gemini on December 14 at 00:06am The following New Moon is at 8° Capricorn on December 29 at 6:55am (UT).

Aries: Self-sacrifice and an understanding attitude on your part could have far-reaching effects on your own life-path or career during this Full Moon. Your sense of honesty and truth is something that others sense in you and appreciate. Focus on the essence of your situation as you attempt to balance the needs of your close relationships with the demands of your idealism. This month you might find yourself teaching or guiding groups or being asked for your help and opinions on matters of religion or philosophy. Even expect an opportunity for some travel though you will likely not stray too far from your favourite haunts.

Taurus: This Full Moon is a time for getting down to business, stripping away and discarding non-essentials, memories of things past, and moving on, concentrating on the important things. You’re likely to be less sentimental about this at the moment. You find that you are able to bring more imagination to bear on your goals and ambitions now and that you have the drive to improve your finances and material security. It's a great time for planning new schemes, or rearranging the way you look at things. Be thoughtful, deliberate, and measured in your efforts, even though you may be tempted not to be.

Gemini: A strongly gregarious mood may find you feeling like getting together and enjoying the social scene over the Full Moon. You may not get a lot of support for the way you express your basic energy and personality, as you tend to go against the crowd and somehow manage to create reverberation in those around you. Some may even find you overbearing, as your intensity runs counter to what ever is wanted by them. If you can avoid a very direct and reactionary response you may find you’re appreciated and appear in a good light in any group project or social gathering.

Cancer: This is a time of reflection and self-examination. You’re sorting through the experiences of the last several months, separating the worthwhile from the worthless and, in general, salvaging what you can. You need to re-evaluate your relationships based on what is relevant to you now rather that the past. You have a basic self-esteem that is plain to all who meet you, just be aware that it may seem you don't care how they may be feeling unless you make it clear. If you take the trouble to talk you may find you get the needed support for your efforts.

Leo: Ideas about what's really important may be uppermost during the Full Moon phase, showing you clearly what is of value and what has spent its course. You have the sense that you've gained valuable experience. Community concerns, and altruism in general, may get an added boost during this time and your sharp perceptions make finding new solutions easy. Whilst your thoughts may be on improving and making the best of a current situation and you can always bring an unexpected twist or insight to anything you set your mind to. But remember that not everyone is as ready to make changes as you might be.

Virgo: This marks the end of a time of questioning and feeling uncertain. Now you can get some clarity, secure your position, feel whatever limits there are, and move forward. This may be the perfect time to actualise career matters that have been undergoing development for a while. Public relations have extra influence from this Full Moon so you can get a fuller, rosier picture of just where you stand in your profession and what people think of you. You have a base to build upon. Choose this moment for releasing a blast of self-promotion, whatever it is you do.

Libra: This Full Moon you are likely to feel like a born doer, with an incredible drive to accomplish and achieve in life. If you try hard now you can push on toward whatever goals you have in mind. Although you have all that store of energy to compel you onwards, it’s also a good time to be philosophical and turn toward more lasting values. You are exploring and searching, linking things together, following up connections of all kinds and pushing the limits. If you want to take the lead, be prepared to take the responsibility that goes with it.

Scorpio: This Full Moon is a time when you can respond to new ideas and find the footing on which you can build a foundation. You may be gathering resources, materials and finances to further your future. The situation you’re in suggests you do some mental or physical housecleaning. You'll have the courage to toss out those useless things you've been hoarding, and the burst of freedom will do you good. Your mind may take a more studious turn, questioning, exploring, and searching for answers and you find yourself thinking about your needs in relationship to the others in your life.

Sagittarius: This Full Moon you may want to take a fresh look at relationships and make this a time to let go of all that’s worn out and uninspiring. You may be in a better position to judge your own appearance and how others see you. Finding the beauty and value in yourself and those around you allows for more harmonious and rewarding partnerships. You may be torn between neglecting personal concerns to attend to group or social affairs whilst needing to turn away from the outer world, focusing now on more personal and inner changes. New information is emerging and catches your attention.

Capricorn: The Full Moon brings a time of change. Examine your foundations, responsibilities, and what provides a basic security. Your business sense is enhanced, and you are able to really get down to what is important when it comes to making decisions affecting your material welfare. You might have to put up with minor inconveniences and irritations for the sake of what is really important in your life. Sacrifices made now will provide an increased ability on your part to make dreams real later. Others may show support for efforts on your part to improve your health, diet, and physical condition.

Aquarius: Your tendency to compromise and settle for less than you dreamed can be a problem as tension results if you ignore your own desires. You’re inclined to choose the path of least resistance, willing to bypass some of the things you always wanted in favour of expediency. Others may urge you on toward a more self-confident and outgoing attitude. You want to make your ideals a reality and this Full Moon is time for resolutions, for attempting to put into practice your ambitions and dreams. You may feel moved to cooperate and work together with others on community and long-term projects to achieve this.

Pisces: Circumstances may urge you to great effort and hard work, however don't overdo it and go too far too fast. Events make it difficult to make good decisions concerning career and life direction. The danger of building on unsound foundations or expanding too rapidly is present. Despite appearances things are working with rather than against you so don't get overwhelmed. Let things take their natural course. This Full Moon accent is on your home and private life, which could be very rewarding now. Your feelings and sense of security may find you seeking seclusion for a time or losing yourself in past memories.

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