Star Signs for April 2014

Posted on: 7th April, 2014

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork for the last 10 years, she gives personal consultations and teaches astrology and intuitive guidance

The recent New Moon in Aries on March 30 marked the beginning of this month’s Astrological action. We can watch the planetary movements working like a domino effect as one event leads into another and the drama unfolds.

Although there is a significant focus on the Cardinal cross during April 20 to 23, this configuration has been strongly in effect since January. The year so far has been fairly intense, with chaos and disruption apparent to varying degrees in our personal lives as well as through global events and weather extremes.

There are currently several converging aspects in effect involving the planets of revolution, transformation, expansion and force. The Uranus Pluto square is about to connect for the sixth out of seven events that started back in 2012. Simultaneously, since last year, Jupiter in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn and square to Uranus in Aries. These Cardinal signs represent the beginning of a new cycle involving essential archetypes and their many levels of expression — the individualist person as Aries,  the compassionate person as Cancer and the responsible person as Capricorn. When Mars moves into the vacant fourth position at 13 degrees he forms the cross to include the unselfish person as Libra.

This cross pattern is triggered repeatedly this month until it’s climax on April 23. The Sun, now in Aries, a powerful position for the Sun echoing the theme of a new cycle, touches Jupiter through a square angle on April 1, joins with Uranus on April 2, makes a square to Pluto on April 3 and opposes Mars on April 8. Each time the Cross pattern is activated we are edged a step further towards the fulfillment of it’s purpose.

The Full Moon on April 15 is a total Lunar eclipse in signs Aries and Libra. At the same time fast moving Mercury, planet of the rational mind is joined with inspirational mind, Uranus and relentless Pluto is turning to retrograde motion. This suggests another impulse for change with new information emerging from external or internal sources to undermine the existing paradigm. Now it’s important to watch your thinking patterns and beware of any negativity, which undermines your wellbeing. Your personal response to people and circumstances around this time has a heightened significance and will set the trend for the near future. A Solar eclipse on April 29 is a less powerful event occurring after the Grand Cross has culminated.

As we navigate our way through April it’s important to remember that everyone alive on the planet is also experiencing these planetary dynamics unfolding in some way, directly or indirectly. The underlying principle behind this Cardinal Cross is to instigate a new basis for living without the extreme polarity we’ve known. The intense energies this month will assist in removing everything that’s not structurally stable, fit for purpose or if it’s based on unsound ideology. Many people, as individuals, groups, governments or religions are still making decisions and taking action based on something, which stems from these outmoded systems. This behaviour may appear crazy, irrational, delusional or insane to anyone observing from a different perspective.

If you want to know what to do – it’s quite simple – find, and maintain, your equilibrium, your inner peace. You may need to take action to achieve this and that could be just a few minutes walking, relaxing or meditating to re-centre your self or maybe it’s time to leave your relationship, home, job or relocate across the globe! Above all, not taking yourself too seriously will help you through anything, which proves personally challenging.

The next Full Moon is at 25° Libra on April 15 at 8:43am and the next New Moon is at 9° Taurus on April 29 at 7:15am


Aries: Interesting and stimulating people may come into your life now. This Full Moon is a good opportunity for dealing with any relationship issues. Make sure to find time for intimate encounters or shared experiences. You are aware of how much you have to give but guard against taking others for granted; they won't appreciate it if you do. You have gained valuable insights from any recent alone time and now you’ll be at your best when you can get things into a healthy balance. Finding a win-win situation for everyone has to be your goal.

Taurus: This is a good time to reorganise your work environment and make it more efficient. You are prepared to do the tedious work and the necessary tasks that don’t reap obvious rewards. You’re not likely to feel at peak performance level so take a slow and measured pace and be surprised at how much can be achieved. Also, don't take your health for granted; keep an eye on what you eat and pay attention to what you do physically during the Full Moon phase. You’ll benefit from making adjustments especially if you can bring things into line with recent insights you've gained.

Gemini: During this Full Moon period your imaginative powers are strong and you can enjoy using your creative talents to express yourself. Whatever you do now it needs to give scope to your originality and get you noticed. You want to have fun and taking chances might pay off. You benefit and gain support from friends for any project you recently put your energy into. Not taking yourself too seriously will also reap rewards and you may surprise yourself at what you come up with by just letting yourself play around. Whatever you do now you can be sure it's not dull!

Cancer: After giving a lot of time to external affairs or work issues, home and personal matters will occupy your thinking during this Full Moon. This is a good time to try and complete unfinished projects and don’t push yourself to get started on anything new. You may just feel like staying home and building up your reserves so you have plenty of energy or resources spare for later. Sticking with familiar surroundings and intimate company takes the stress out of trying to achieve worldly things and you need that freedom to nurture what’s really important.

Leo: Expect a flurry of activity around you during this Full Moon phase. Seek out more information and alternatives to what you already know. You have the bigger picture clear, now attend to the details. If you have the urge, get out and about and make connections. Restlessness will plague you if you don’t find plenty to stimulate your mind. A lot of energy may be used up in trivial or lighthearted conversation but going deep isn’t the mood of the moment. This is a good time to catch up on correspondences or to do some writing.

Virgo: This Full Moon phase finds you concerned with your material and financial security. Impulse buying, or conversely, self-denial might be a problem now depending on how you feel about the state of your resources. You recognise that dependence on others always has a price or comes with strings attached. You might be underestimating yourself or not yet utilising all the tools in your bag for your greater benefit. This is a good time to consider how to make the best of your natural skills and talents. Actual money isn’t the only source of wealth and you may find you have abundance in other forms.

Libra: During this month’s Full Moon phase you are concerned with your own needs and personal style. Getting a glimpse of your unique personality in action gives you a better sense of who you are. The emphasis is on putting the stamp of your individuality on everything you do. Relationship matters of all kinds are likely to occupy your mind now and what’s important is how they are impacting on and your lifestyle and self-expression. Recent developments require you to adjust the balance so both you and the other person are getting what's needed for a harmonious situation.

Scorpio: During this Full Moon phase you can be very productive by just quietly working away behind-the-scenes in seclusion. Your inclination is to shun the limelight and keep pretty much to yourself. Enjoy the rewards of recent efforts by taking time out to relax, daydream or meditate. Reconnecting with your inner world is important for your sense of equilibrium. Regenerating the spirit brings you closer to your creativity. Valuable insights and breakthroughs are possible. Enjoy the quiet ‘alone time’ whilst you can, as the demands of your outer world will encroach again soon enough.

Sagittarius: During this period it's who you know rather than what you know that matters now. This is a good time to crank up your social life and meet people; the benefits will soon follow. This Full Moon highlights your position within your community, in group ventures, or projects which involve others of like mind. The phrase ‘what you put in is what you get out’ holds very true for you now. You can see that what you have to offer is appreciated by those concerned and this is a time of reaping the rewards from your past contributions.

Capricorn: Vocational concerns are likely to dominate your thinking. If you’re not already on the path to fulfilling your ambitions then now is the time to make plans for your future. Getting some recognition for your achievements takes on extra significance during this Full Moon. Self-acknowledgement only gets you so far and for now you need some approval from those you respect. If you want to launch your career or go a step further then make the required moves. But remember to balance the demands of your work or public life and the needs of your family.

Aquarius: During this Full Moon travel, higher learning, study and spiritual matters take on extra significance. No longer content with everyday affairs, you’re likely to want the freedom to explore new ground or invite new experiences into your life. This is a great time to think big and make the most of opportunities that come your way. An overseas contact may get in touch or new information provides the chance to break out from any restricting routines to try something different. Be prepared to open your mind to new ideas and lifestyles.

Pisces: This Full Moon might be a trying period; you may feel anxious and worried about something. The last few weeks have required you to evaluate your resources and now your attention is being drawn to the patterns that create life’s material ups and downs. During this phase you may be focused on the negative side of a cycle at the expense of the positive. This might be a slow growth point but it’s a necessary pause during which you can consider what is truly worth keeping and what you can dispense with. It’s a great time to clear out what doesn’t work well in your life in preparation for the next phase.

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