Star Signs December 2015

Posted on: 1st December, 2015

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork for the last 10 years, she gives personal consultations and teaches astrology and intuitive guidance

During early December as the Sun approaches the Solstice, it’s nearly midwinter for us in the northern hemisphere and a perfect opportunity to view the pre-dawn sky, particularly if you’re not a naturally early riser!  The late sunrise and clear cold skies will give a chance to see the waning crescent Moon drop a little further each day, past the bright planets, Jupiter, then Mars and finally Venus before it joins with the Sun at the New Moon phase. Saturn, rising just ahead of the Sun is so close now it’s not visible. Taking some quiet time to star gaze can really help to put things into perspective. This is especially so when there’s such demand for our attention now with the short days, busy pre Christmas preparations and world news broadcasts creating fear and stress as we imagine the worst.

With the current astrological ‘weather’, it is even more important to keep a check on what we focus on. Become aware of how much mental and emotional energy is given to worry, anxiety, fear and a sense of helplessness. Take advantage of the astrological climate to change those thoughts into something more positive and empowering now. The challenging aspect between Saturn and Neptune began to make itself known in mid November and will continue in the background throughout the next year. The shifts and changes seem to be intensified and there can be a growing sense of unreality. Bombarded with too much information, the world around us can seem quite surreal. Keeping a grip on reality is the personal challenge.

It will become increasingly apparent that so much in our world is actually no more than a creation of imagination or ideas that are believed to be true, or just something that everyone agrees with and never paused to question. Taking ‘time to stand and stare’ or pause and reflect quietly has become a lost art for many, but it is an essential practice during the coming weeks and months. The New Moon on December 11 is in Sagittarius and in a natural placement to begin a sincere quest for truth.

Over the whole New Moon phase and into the next week, the effect of Mars in opposition to Uranus will be apparent. There may be struggles or argument, as the forceful will of Mars is in direct conflict with the unpredictable nature of Uranus. This is certainly a time when a sudden change of direction or purpose is likely. It can have a very positive effect, once things have settled. When two high-energy planets clash like this it can be disruptive and seem to happen beyond individual control. It may create chaos, as the old goal or objective is blown out, in favour of new, more liberal ideals. Self-centred or self serving desires of an individual or group can be overridden by a ‘live and let live’ attitude but there is likely to be some shocking news or revelation that forces a change in perspective first.

Also on the same day, we have Venus in Scorpio in a supportive trine aspect with Neptune in Pisces. This highlights the things that are important, going deeply into things, what we value in life and what higher ideals we have. It supports compassion, inclusion and love regardless of differences and despite social taboo. Start looking out beyond what’s immediately apparent and seek new dreams, ideas or beliefs. Read uplifting words. Research new facts rather than accept what is simply repetition. Think up the next question instead of a ready answer. These options are ways to antidote some of the more challenging aspects involving Mars and Uranus and to ensure the balance is tipped towards a positive experience for the Solstice and Full Moon Midwinter festivities.

The December New Moon is at 20° Sagittarius on December 11 at 10:31am. The Full Moon is at 4° Cancer on December 25 at 11:13am.

Aries: This New Moon is good for deep thinking. It’s time to consider the long-term view and lasting values. This disregard for superficiality finds you straight to the point, interested in the truth of things. Expect encouragement to be candid and honest. Perhaps a rekindling of personal philosophical and spiritual thoughts is required also. The foundations of belief you lay down now are there to be built on in the future. Concentrate on essentials and focus on the essence of your situation. Taking care of your ‘soul’ is the key to present action.

Taurus: Now is a time for stripping away and discarding non-essentials or memories of things past. During this New Moon you can separate the valuable from the novelties. This current situation requires some mental or physical housecleaning on your part and there's no place in your life for outworn or flimsy goods, ideas or relationships. You can be unsentimental about all of this. Concentrate only on important things that have supported you over time. New and possibly unconventional approaches to being productive or making money are possible now. Your response to life becomes more original and innovative.

Gemini: This New Moon is likely to be a very busy time, during which you receive all kinds of support from those around you. Relationships are very much in focus and are nourished by extra attention. You are able to love and care both for yourself and others. This is a time for turning away from your personal experiences by responding in a more inclusive and socially minded manner. You can handle your own resources and you want to share any surplus that you have. By relating to others you can fully appreciate your own value and worth.

Cancer: Attend to nagging details or unfinished jobs just to get them out of the way during this New Moon. This is a time of discrimination and possible self-examination. Any effort on your part to improve your self or physical condition gets full support from others now. Sort through the experiences of the last several months. Integrate only what’s truly worthwhile and simply let go of the rest so you can move forward in your own style. An unexpected inner drive may find you out and about and enjoying the social scene. Expect important relationships to take up more of your attention now.

Leo: The trend for you this New Moon is to be more creative and expressive. Others may urge you on toward a more self-confident and outgoing attitude. You love and value real life drama that excites your imagination. Enjoy this dawning of an awareness of who you are and what you have been through these last months. You have truly lived and experienced something of value. Soon your mind will turn towards matters that need deep reflection as you take stock of your current situation. Meditation or quiet time alone can provide a welcome contrast to the colourful whirl of daily life.

Virgo: Your home and private life could be very satisfying during this New Moon. You can send down roots and create a base to build on. Your feelings and desire for security prompt you to seek seclusion or lose yourself amongst the familiar. The next phase marks the end of uncertainty or feeling your way in the dark. From a secure position, know what your limits are and then move forward. This is a creative time for you and you can expect to reap rewards for your patience or recent efforts. Soon you can put your experience and feelings into words and may be at your most witty and dramatic.

Libra: Your ability to communicate in general is enhanced as you find the needed support or backing from those around you during this New Moon. Your ideas and thoughts may be very deep and rich. Personal memories are especially vivid. You are exploring and searching, looking for meaning, linking things together, following up connections, seeing where the ends meet or fall short. You may come full circle and be ready to shine out or put your stamp on the world once more. Consider what aspects of your past to put behind you and then begin to build the future that you envisage for yourself.

Scorpio: You may receive extra support from the people around you over this New Moon. Younger people, and women especially may contribute somehow to improve your financial situation. Fresh ideas and ways of seeing or new understanding give you a footing on which you can build a solid foundation. You gain a sense of real security with some back up or reserves. Gather your resources or exploit your talents as you begin to explore the possibilities being presented. Let your true heartfelt desires and a sincere faith in life carry you forward now.

Sagittarius: During this New Moon in your own sign you can feel more self-concious or concerned with appearances than usual. You may be pushed forward or promoted to appear in a good light in a group or social gathering. New information captures your attention and you can expect personal relationships to feature strongly now. This is a good time to let go of all that is worn out and superficial. You'll want to turn away from the outer world and meaningless experiences to focus on deeper personal and inner changes. There is no room in your life for either dependency or lack of depth.

Capricorn: Sacrifices made during this New Moon period will be more than repaid during the coming weeks. Your current mood of humility and understanding allows you to appreciate and value goals, which reach beyond the personal. You desire a more inclusive world and want to create a harmonious environment by dissolving barriers. By mid month the focus on social connections, relationships and partners has you looking for equality not control. You'll easily put up with minor inconveniences and irritations for the sake of what is really important in your life and in a significant relationship.

Aquarius: Now is the time to make your ideals a reality. Social issues and altruism in general get extra attention during this New Moon. You may find yourself moved to cooperate with others on community driven projects as people around you unite to make long-term goals and dreams possible. This is also a time for a personal resolution to put into practice your own heartfelt desires. You're able to really get down to what is important when it comes to making decisions affecting your material welfare. You find that daily responsibilities and commitments are easily undertaken.

Pisces: During this New Moon you become aware that an understanding attitude on your part could have far-reaching effects on your own life-path and general direction. A little long-suffering and restraint now could really pay off later. There is a lot of support for you to make job-related and practical decisions. Your ambitions receive encouragement from those around you. Your creative imagination gets you excited and your practical insight may be at a high. Now you can see what needs to be done and just how to go about doing it. Keep the long-term rewards in your sights and take aim.

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