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Posted on: 8th August, 2014

Category: Star Signs

Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork for the last 10 years, she gives personal consultations and teaches astrology and intuitive guidance

After the momentous New Moon in Leo on July 26, the pattern for the coming months has begun to unfold. The recent Sun Moon combination in conjunction with mighty Jupiter in the sign of the Lion gave a strong message about living out our heart’s desire in a creative and original way. We can watch this dynamic energy begin to manifest in our personal lives over the next two weeks leading up to the Full Moon in Aquarius. Something that has been emerging can now become a reality either in the material world as new events and opportunities or on an inner level through our changing beliefs or understanding. The specific area of life where we can expect to experience this expansion depends on where each lunation falls in our personal birth chart.

As we approach this month’s Full Moon there could be an increased awareness of what the slow moving planet, Saturn, represents, now that it’s started a forward motion once more after weeks of apparent backwards motion since early March. Taking about two and a half years to move through a Zodiac sign, Saturn now moves forward through Scorpio for the next five months before entering into Sagittarius. The ringed planet is the furthest within our solar system visible to the naked eye and acts as a boundary, defining the limits formed between us in our material world and the metaphysical realms beyond. Saturn speaks of restrictions that are sometimes frustrating but can prove to be fruitful if we have the patience to allow something to come to full term. An imposed limitation can act as both a freedom restricting prison or a character-building test of endurance.

In Scorpio there is a power struggle – control versus acceptance or resistance versus surrender. Since October 2012 we have seen this dynamic in action in our personal lives, as well as on the world stage. Whilst in a retrograde motion the focus has taken us on an inner journey where we have had the chance to discover how much of our personal stress is due to resistance to reality or attempting to control situations when it’s really not our business or in our own best interests to hold on. Now that Saturn is going forward again we can utilise the lessons learned and be more disciplined and measured about how we operate when activating our will or intention.

The Moon – Sun opposition at Full Moon makes a difficult square angle to Saturn, which indicates a needed release of tension. The Moon in altruistic Aquarius puts our sentiments firmly in the shoes of another whilst the Sun strongly placed in its own sign of Leo suggests a display of courage and expression of a truthful heart’s desire. We want what is not only most true for ourselves but also what best serves the greater good. The tension develops, as we look to find an appropriate outlet or way to manifest this energy.

As we progress through the month the feisty planet Mars, which is also strong in it’s own sign of Scorpio now, joins with Saturn to form a conjunction, which becomes exact at the New Moon on August 25. The red planet Mars is known as the god of war and can also represent the warrior energy that when turned inwards does battle with the ‘inferior self’ so that the ‘superior self’ can take its place.

Joined with the great teacher planet Saturn we can expect to be faced with a situation when we need to put our recently learned skills and hard won personal wisdom into practice. With the Sun – Moon combined in Virgo at New Moon this suggests a new cycle of discernment whilst perfecting our ability to handle life in a measured and mature way.

The next Full Moon is at 18° Aquarius on August 10 at 7:10pm. The following New Moon is at 2° Virgo on August 25 at 3:13pm

Aries: If you're willing to disconnect from the daily rounds, then relaxation, comfort with your surroundings and the warmth of friendship can be the theme of this Full Moon. Shared experiences and mutual adventures bring a fullness that helps you realise that the good life is about how you feel, not money, friendship or possessions. Community concerns and your altruistic aims in general seem to get an added boost during this time and you get support from those around you. If you want that peak experience, it's possible right now. Satisfaction comes from just letting things happen and inviting in the blessings to you, despite the responsibilities of everyday existence.

Taurus: This Full Moon you’re in a fine position to make some important job-related or practical decisions and finalise matters that have been under development for a while. The pace may be accelerated with disruptions to plans and last-minute changes but you can have a more complete picture of just where you stand in your profession and what people think of you. Expect to hear good news or beneficial information that will help your self-promotion or put you in the limelight for a while. Any progressive ideas you have right now should get heard and form a favourable impression on those that matter to you.

Gemini: This Full Moon has the potential to be an eye-opener. Think things over in depth and keep your eye on the long-term view. The energy is in the air to expand your window on the world, take up some new ways of thinking and overhaul your lifestyle to reflect the new you. Look for good news on the horizon. Things wrap themselves up and come to a conclusion, but don't count your chickens yet, as it's easy to overestimate right now. Important main issues can get resolved, as all parties are willing to go an extra mile to agree in principle, if not on the details.

Cancer: This Full Moon provides good psychic weather for letting go of any useless things you've been hoarding and the new freedom will do you good. As soon as you have made some space in your life you can be sure some unexpected thing, person or ideas will come rushing in to replace it. You may find that some of the things in life that you value will come through another person but be sure to allow them to make the choices and to give freely. If you do you are likely to be on the way up faster and gain more than you imagined.

Leo: This Full Moon you bring things to full bloom so you can begin harvesting what you have sown. It has been tough going lately but now with your ruling planet, the Sun, basking in the warmth of your own sign, things are definitely looking rosy. Enjoy the rewards of recent effort and patience. Your ruler makes good company for Mercury and Jupiter, adding a very busy social focus. In partnerships, business or romance, it can mean finally fully connecting with someone as an equal on equal ground. Nourish all your relationships now and they will nourish you in times to come.

Virgo: This is the time you should be really getting on top of things and your efforts should be starting to pay off. Attend to nagging details and get them out of the way now as this full moon provides the required focus and discipline. However, avoid excess and going over the top right now, as you may feel you can do more than you really should. At work, you may feel a little overbooked as tasks multiply and time is short to complete them. Once you've completed the finishing touches, you'll be able to stand back and take pride in your accomplishments.

Libra: Spontaneity is the theme for you this Full Moon. It’s time to kick off the restraints, break out of the mould and have some fun, especially with close friends and children. If you're trying to get business done, you'll be swimming against the tide. If you have the option, just go with the flow and go a little bit over the top, you're in good company and your quirky sense of humour is catching. Passion and intensity, on any topic you choose, can run rampant and enthusiasm overflows. You'll have plenty of quiet time to reflect around the New moon later this month.

Scorpio: The Full Moon shines a light on your home and private life. New ideas and visions for your future emerge which could be especially rewarding right now. Stay on familiar ground as you acknowledge your deeper feelings and the need for a sense of security. If life seems too claustrophobic and you’re getting on other's nerves maybe you should just take a break and seek out a place of seclusion for a time to lose yourself in past memories. Past matters come to a head and you'll be making conclusions about just how well your personal life plan is working out.

Sagittarius: Finish jobs and tie up loose ends this Full Moon even if that means crowding a lot of important tasks into the space of a few days. Don't over schedule yourself in advance now, as there is more opportunity on the horizon. Leave plenty of room open for last-minute situations that come rushing in to demand your attention. Phone calls, visitors and messages come at you from every angle and you’ll be trying to get yourself heard above the noise. Your own ideas are in need of some extra air time and you’ve plenty of enthusiasm to take it right now.

Capricorn: Under a little more intensity than usual, it's time to wrap things up financially, that might mean putting a hold on extra spending for a time. There may be decisions to make and you’ll have to consider which of your talents and personal resources are best exploited now. Consider what you value most and then invest time and energy there. You may find that you have far more of worth than you realised once you consider things from a different angle. Conserve your resources and prepare to shed any dependency that no longer serves you whilst being ready to accept genuine assistance if offered.

Aquarius: For a few days you may find things get fairly chaotic in your surroundings and one of the causes may be you. Circumstances leave you spinning, but that's part of the picture with the Full Moon in your sign. The emphasis is not on what you've done or achieved, but rather on who you are. Let your personality out of the box to truly shine. This is your chance to ride on that energy and put your personal mark on whatever comes of it. The drive is there to bring projects to a rapid conclusion, add your individual touch, and show the world what you're really all about.

Pisces: The Full Moon intensity in the air breaks through some internal barriers and allows you to heal wounds and clear out ‘knee jerk’ reactions, as they come to light. New understanding comes easily and old ways fall aside without effort. You may seem dreamy or vague but your ability to perceive and commune with your inner self is enhanced in a way that you have felt cut off from recently. Your otherworldly perspective will put you at a disadvantage in the usual round of daily conflicts so use subtler means to gain your ends if emotions run high.

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