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Posted on: 13th November, 2017

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Contributor: Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is an astrologer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork, she gives personal consultations and teaches astrology and intuitive guidance classes. email

November starts with our brightest star, the Sun, in Scorpio, still within distance of the greater benefic, Jupiter. They are slowly parting company now as the days pass, but it has been a happy union over the last week or so. Jupiter brings opportunity, expansion and good will. It is a planet associated with optimism. Together with the full force of the Sun’s life giving properties there has been a bit of a boost available which has helped get us through the recent dark days. The Full Moon on November 4 carries some of that lingering energy. With Jupiter in Scorpio there is the promise that even the most difficult of issues will come out into the light to be disclosed, discussed and dealt with. That theme will continue over the next twelve months in a general way, but this Full Moon may bring some awkward moments when those that are impelled to speak out disrupt the congenial conversation in an effort to make their point. Taurus, where the Full Moon occurs, seeks peace and simplicity whilst the Sun in opposite sign Scorpio revels in complexity and disturbs complacency to fulfill its purpose.

The lesser benefic, Venus, planet of desire, harmony and social connections is in direct opposition to the eccentric and freedom orientated planet, Uranus, during the Full Moon phase. This can be a good time to face up to ways of behaviour or associations with others, which need to change to support a more honest expression of love or friendship. If you fear that a break up, or the need to part company is the only option over this time, it may just be the effect of necessary adjustments that will be required to move on to a new level in relationships.

As Venus moves swiftly on into Scorpio she joins with Jupiter on November 13. At the least this should help to make even the most difficult of encounters, conversations and partnerships go well with good intentions for harmony all round.

We may be tested when the heavy planet Pluto is challenged by a square aspect from Mars. This powerful combination between the Scorpio planetary rulers amplifies the need for honesty. Focus on the things that are within your control and avoid power struggles with others. Use the energy to confront yourself and gain greater personal insight or break free from any controlling influences.

The main background theme this month also carries the theme of ‘breakthrough’ in preference to ‘break up’ when Saturn makes its third and final trine aspect to Uranus on November 11.

This trend has been in action since late 2016 and we have been experiencing these two very different planetary energies having to find a middle path. The conservative, traditional and restricting quality of Saturn is blending with the rebellious, unconventional and innovative nature of Uranus and will continue to resonate into the next year. The positive expression of these two working in harmony is the order that comes out of chaos. It has the ability to bring about the changes that are essential in a measured and organised way. Unexpected and innovative responses to outmoded systems will be put into action without the need for complete revolution. Many of the solutions to the social structures that seemed to have failed us over the last several years have already been designed and are only waiting in the wings to become the mainstream option instead of the fringe alternative.

Full Moon is at 12 degrees Taurus on November 4 at 5.23am and New Moon is at 27 degrees Scorpio on November 18 at 10.56am.

Aries: This Full Moon phase finds you concerned with your material and financial security. Sudden purchases or fear of spending might be a problem now depending on how you feel about the state of your resources. This is a good time to consider if you are making the best of your natural skills and abilities. You might be underestimating yourself or not yet utilising all the tools in your bag for your greater benefit. Actual money isn’t the only source of wealth and you may find you have abundance in another form. Later in the month you may also benefit from others who have made the best of their own resources.

Taurus: During this month’s Full Moon phase your need for self-expression and communicating your personal vitality are priority. Getting a glimpse of your unique personality in action gives you a better sense of who you are. You’ll want to put your own style or individuality on everything you do. You are especially sensitive to what, or who, is around you and your mood doesn’t make for sharing. Relationships are a two-way flow but now you want to the lead role and put yourself first. You can take time to have more equal one to one encounters after the New Moon.

Gemini: Your inclination is to shun any attention and keep pretty much to yourself during this Full Moon phase. You can be very productive throughout this period by just quietly working away in the background. Taking time out to relax, daydream or meditate regenerates the spirit and brings you closer to your creativity. Reconnecting with your inner world is important for your sense of equilibrium. Valuable insights and breakthroughs are possible. Once refreshed you will have time and energy to focus on the practical details of life once more.

Cancer: This Full Moon highlights your position within your community. You can see that what you have to offer is appreciated by those concerned and this is a time of enjoying the rewards of your past contributions. You’ve wanted more creativity and time to enjoy life so this is a good time to crank up your social life and meet people; the benefits will soon follow. The phrase ‘what you put in is what you get out’ is the key. This feel good phase will give you the required energy to use your creative skills and have some serious fun later in the month.

Leo: Vocational concerns and your reputation are in focus during this Full Moon. If you’re not already striking out to fulfill your ambitions then now is the time to make plans for your future. Getting yourself some recognition for what you do well is of importance now. Self-acknowledgment only takes you so far so seek out some approval from those you respect. If you want to launch your career or go a step further then this is the time to be building upwards. It may seem like constant hard work now but the New Moon phase will bring a much-needed chance to relax and enjoy your home life.

Virgo: You’re looking for adventure and feel you’ve had enough of routine daily responsibilities. You want freedom to explore new ground or invite new experiences into your life. During this Full Moon the bigger picture and broader issues occupy your thoughts Use the time to make plans and dream up some alternatives. Don’t just limit yourself only to what seems possible from here. Opportunities will come your way so be prepared to open your mind to new ideas and lifestyles. You’ll likely find your attention and energy go into taking care of all the details later this month.

Libra: This Full Moon might be a challenging period. You may feel unusually anxious and worried about all manner of things. You’re likely to focus on the negative side of a situation at the expense of the positive just because things aren’t going exactly as you planned. This slow progress may not be as productive as you would like but it gives you time to consider what is truly worth keeping and what you can dispense with. It’s a great opportunity to smooth out what doesn’t flow well in your life in preparation for a more profitable phase after the next New Moon.

Scorpio: Make this Full Moon an opportunity to focus on any relationship issues. Personal and professional partnerships need your attention now. Interesting and stimulating people may come into your life and you’ll want to find time for intimate encounters or shared experiences. You are aware of how much you have to give but you wont be appreciated by just sitting still with that knowledge. You have the most freedom when you can live within a healthy balance of give and take. If you invest in your connections now then you can put your best foot forward with confidence later in the month.

Sagittarius: This Full Moon phase you’ll want to focus your attention on the practical demands of life. Some responsibilities and obligations, once accepted, will benefit you in due course. Feeling you must do more than you really need to can create some stress but any self-improvement effort pays rewards. This is the time to kick old habits and break up unproductive routines. Once you’ve completed the tasks, you’ll be able to stand back and take pride in your accomplishments. You can take time out to review and reintegrate yourself fully later in the month.

Capricorn: During this Full Moon phase your creative powers are at a peak. You want to have fun and taking chances might pay off. Don’t take yourself too seriously and you will reap the rewards. Whatever you do make sure you give plenty of room to express your originality. Get yourself noticed. You may be surprised at what you come up with by just playing around with ideas or projects. Your romantic feelings are more intense now and children may take an important role in your life. You’ll reap rewards and enjoy the support of friends during the New Moon phase.

Aquarius: Home and family matters take over your life during this Full Moon. Concentrate your energy into whatever gives you a sense of security and well-being. You’ve given all you can to worldly affairs for a while and now you may feel like staying home and replenishing yourself. Sticking with familiar surroundings and intimate company gives you the freedom to nurture what’s really important. This is a good time to complete unfinished projects and don’t try to get started on anything new just yet. Expect a new phase of fulfillment to emerge in your career or public life after the New Moon.

Pisces: You may find yourself called on by neighbours or asked to get involved with community ventures during this Full Moon phase. A lot of energy may be used up in trivial or lighthearted conversation Going deep isn’t for you right now and feeling restless could be a problem if you don’t find activities that stimulate your mind. Catch up with friends or to do some creative writing. News and information is flowing your way. Seek out alternatives to what you already know. There are more opportunities to expand your horizons during the next few weeks.

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