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Posted on: 8th March, 2016

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Contributor: Louise O'Dwyer

What do you think of the various degrees of ‘Prairie Dress’ knocking about? They are very ‘saloon-ific’ and ‘Little House on the Prairie-esque’, while also being ferociously flirtatious and charming. Burberry put a new twist on ‘prairie’ by adding a glamorous high-neck — with added seventies mix. It is ‘so very American’ and this look is reminiscent of the courageous spirit of prospectors — and I think that we could all do with a ‘bit of that’ right now. These dresses are made for ‘women, real women’ —you don’t have to be very thin or very young to look absolutely gorgeous in them — easy to wear, oh so comfortable and with the right attitude they are extremely ‘sexy’!

Is it any wonder that there are ‘flowers’ on almost everything? It is Spring after all! I’m wondering if it is not a tad OTT with high-collar necklines, ruffles and puffy sleeves but ‘wear whatever ticks all of your boxes’, hopefully not all together, because some of the ‘runway’ looks are simply outrageous. Keep it simple, elegant and clean — ‘an all the time winning look’!

You just have to have a great ‘white shirt’ this season because everything can revolve around it. The classic Oxford-cut shirt is back in full swing while some white shirts have bits cut out and bits added, ranging from a very ‘safe’ to an ‘out-there’ look. You should also be thrilled to know that the classic ‘mule’, always and ever a comfortable wear, is back trending again but in a new mix of colours, patterns and even materials. You can really push it to the limits this year, buy as many pairs of mules as your heart desires because they are part of so many key looks for 2016!

‘Bold Red’ is huge this year, I love it, it is striking, invigorating, remarkable, unforgettable, and actually makes you feel confident and very alive. I’ve spotted quite a few red flowing dresses, while they are not for the fainthearted, they are very much made for a woman’s body and scream ‘femininity’ — these dresses need nothing else, no jewellery, no fancy hair-do, no skyscraper heels — why not? Because everyone will be looking at the ‘dress’, that’s why! This is the one colour that I make an exception for when it comes to shopping for a wedding outfit, I normally suggest that you avoid whatever colour is ‘big in’ and just accessorise with it instead, to avoid looking like everyone else but red looks amazingly unique’ on every woman, so break all of the style rules here. Red mixed with black sends a ‘powerful message’ — ‘don’t mess with me’ — a wonderful combination of strong colours and black lovers still get a ‘look in’!

While we saw a lot of high-neck lace blouses for Autumn/Winter 2015, designers have ‘steamed things up’ quite a bit by adding a lot of ‘see-through lace’ — yes yes, the ‘young ones’ will probably wear this look with bikini underclothes but the rest of us need to find the ‘perfect gourmet or sexy slip to pull off this look! Worn the right way, this is a very ‘romantic’ look, just be careful and know that too much skin equals ‘trashy’, arms and legs are always perfectly fine but do you really want to show off your stomach or your side in see-through cutouts in Spring?

‘Pretty in Pink’ — it rolls off the tongue so very easily and the reason is that it is ‘true’. Designers threw everything at every single shade of pink to bring out the most ‘feminine’ looks ever. Some of you might be called upon to ‘rediscover’ your ‘feminine side’ — ‘and that is a great thing’! Find your shade, whether it is hot cerise or a subtle dusky pink but you simply must wear a shade of ‘pink’ — or many shades of ‘pink’ this season — it will tickle the ‘girl in you’.

I feel like we are on a pendulum swing when it comes to the constantly moving waist of trousers. Low-rise was ditched in favour of a high-waist — we were just starting to get used to it and now they are serving us some more ‘low-waists’! I suggest that you wear what you are really comfortable in; I’m not so sure that we are all ready for ‘low-rise slouchies’ just yet…especially if you are a ‘classic queen’!

Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney reinvented one of fashion’s favourite patterns ‘gingham’, but added a flowing new silhouette. The look is amazing, I love some of the black and white gingham dresses, ok, you are not going to get ‘loads of wear’ out of them, as they are instantly recognisable, but they are hypnotic and sweet. Stripes are making a very big appearance too, not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but if you love stripes, then ‘this is your time!’ Prada and Dolce and Gabbana got it so very right but, as you know, the high street will be ‘brim full’ of stripes at prices that everyone can afford.

This is a wonderful time in Fashion, very little is ‘out’, which means that you can ‘wear whatever you like’, look fantastic and not feel at all pressured to buy a lot of new clothes, use what you have, take a good look around at what other people are wearing and how they are wearing it. I always think that a leisurely coffee in a shop, where you have a great view of the street, will teach you more about ‘style and how to do it right’ than any magazine. Write down little tips as you see them — it’s amazing how many people say that they forget when we all have a ‘notes’ section in our phones ‘that is empty’! Be adamant about what you ‘like’, go in search of it — who knows it might be right under your nose, buried in the back of your wardrobe, in a charity shop, your local boutique, on the high-street — or what have you all been doing with those ‘sewing machines’ that you have been buying? Are any of you making your own clothes? Please, please contact me if you are, I’d love to see what you have created, West Cork has so much talent, I know that ‘you’ are out there…

You can follow my blog on immaterialgirls.wordpress.com for daily updates on style tidbits, where you find some ‘really cool clothes’, what works and what doesn’t and lots more, or send me a friend request on facebook.

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