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Posted on: 10th September, 2015

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Contributor: Louise O'Dwyer

Gone are the days when every bride wanted a summer wedding — these days, no two weddings are the same and they are all happening any time and any place.

So if you have just opened your post and there is a wedding invite inside, here are all the tips you will need to help cure your ‘wedding guest outfit’ fear!

Don’t fret, don’t worry, it really doesn’t matter if you won’t know anyone at the wedding — some of the best friendships or relationships came out of two strangers sitting chatting! So what if the guy who broke your heart is sitting at the next table, all ‘loved’ up with his new woman; and ‘to hell with it’ if you are the oldest ‘singleton’ there — hold your head up — there are plenty in lonely marriages envying your single-ness! I never realised how much stress a wedding invite can cause someone until chatting to a friend recently…so let me change your mind.

Have you ever noticed how things can turn around in just a few hours? You can end up having the time of your life at an event that you were ‘not’ looking forward to (no disrespect to the ‘happy couple’). Try going with a new approach — soak up some of the ‘love’ and ‘romance’ and ‘magic’ that is a ‘wedding’. Stay in the ‘now’ and enjoy every moment.

There are lots of ‘golden rules’ when it comes to being a wedding guest but one ‘outshines’ them all — ‘do not show up the bride’. If you are confused about what that means then quite simply don’t wear ‘white’ or ‘cream’ unless there is a very obvious pattern in it. If you turn up to the wedding wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids, don’t worry, it happens a lot — it just means that you are very much ‘in’ style colour-wise.

There are certain times in your life when you will get multiple invites in one season so I suggest you buy one really good ‘classic’ dress — keep it plain and simple and go for an exceptional cut. This dress can be accessorised with many colours and will end up looking very different in every photograph. Change around your hairstyle too. Trust me, no one will notice — they will be too busy checking themselves out! The best part is that ‘you’ save a lot of money.

Yes, yes, fascinators are really big at the moment but please don’t wear one if it’s not you, or at least look for advice on where to clip it on your head. I have seen so many women look like they have been on a ‘session’ when they emerge from the wedding mass — the fascinator is all but covering their face! Wear it only if you are comfortable; a good hairstyle doesn’t ‘always’ need a flower or feather so don’t ever feel like you have to follow the crowd — stand firmly on your own two feet!

You would be amazed how many women turn up to a ‘summer garden wedding’ in stilettos and then spend the entire day sinking into the grass — opt for wedges, or at least being a back up pair in the car.

If you are wearing a big statement neckpiece, make sure that it is your only ‘big’ piece; keep it very simple or nude on the ears and arms and don’t overdo it with rings either — you only want to make ‘one’ statement. Make too many statements and you could end up looking like a ‘modern day drag queen’.

If the wedding is somewhere really ‘hot’, watch your choice of material for sweat stains and always, always have a tiny packet of baby wipes in your clutch as they can solve a multitude of problems!

Are you the wedding guest that always cries at a wedding, even if you hardly know the people getting married? How lovely, a sensitive soul is such a charming attribute — don’t ever change but do make sure that your eyeliner and mascara are waterproof.

Don’t ever rule out black for a wedding! It’s classy, slimming and you can accessorise it with anything and everything.

Manicures and pedicures are definitely the way to go for a wedding, especially if you are wearing a dress that you wore before and doing your ‘own’ hair and make-up. It will boost your confidence every time you catch a glimpse of your happy fingers and happy toes because it is such a lovely treat! Keep your shade option neutral enough that when the wedding is over, your mani/pedi will not need to come off too.

It really is ‘very now’ to not match your outfit. The trend is to avoid matching; in fact, the trend is to ‘clash’ strong colours. If you are brave enough, it looks amazing and will surely be the ‘talking’ piece of the day — after the ‘stunning’ bride of course.

If you buy a dress in a major department store then you will just have to accept that somebody else might be wearing it too. It goes with the territory, which is why I always go ‘vintage’ or ‘boutique’, as it kinda sets you apart from the crowd. If money is tight, spend an afternoon strolling through some charity shops, you’ll be gobsmacked at what you find. On the other hand, a solid colour dress, especially black, from a high street store (cheap and cheerful) can look fantastic with a few eye-catching accessories.

You know, if all else fails, you have your friends — there will always be a good one that is exactly the same size as you, so ‘borrow’ something from her. The same dress looks completely different on two different people. Have a ‘get together’ night over a pot of tea or a bottle of vino and spend the night trying on all of your friends dresses, you might end up with loads of options and there will very definitely be one or two dresses that will ‘crack you up’; I sincerely hope that you will know the difference and don’t pick the dress at the end of the night when all of the wine is gone.

And finally, no matter how long the wedding festivities wander into the night and early morning hours, stay firmly attached to a ‘little class’ — bring flat shoes or flip-flops for your ‘end of night frolicking’. Groups of women dancing barefoot at a disco is ‘not cool’, its quite ‘trashy’ actually and dangerous because there is always some idiot dropping bottles or glasses or spilling their pints; you don’t want to be remembered as the woman who needed an ambulance at the end of the night because you slipped barefoot on some drink, slid across the floor and landed on a broken glass!

Some women get so worked up about what to wear to a wedding or how they look on the day that they forget to enjoy themselves. These ‘happy days’ are precious — it is always a wonderful thing when a large group of people gathers in the name of ‘love’.

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’til next time, stay beautiful.

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