Time to hibernate

Posted on: 15th January, 2014

Category: Image

Contributor: Louise O'Dwyer

It’s a New Year, a new start, a new month and anything is possible, yes, absolutely anything. Ok, I will be honest and say that I am trying to convince myself as much as all of you. What is it about January that makes us all drop our heads, become a tad grumpy, disorientated, zoned out and fumble around in a state of exhaustion? It baffles me how anyone can stick to a New Year’s resolution when motivation and exhaustion don’t exactly go hand in hand. I wonder do we all have an inbuilt silent grieving process going on, as we say goodbye to another year! Whatever it is, I just witnessed it first hand in the supermarket — a shop full of zombies — so I believe the only answer is hibernation. What this means when you are a ‘human being’ is that you need lots of TLC, major chilling out time, feel-good movies, face masks and, of course, early to bed. January is a ‘sleep-a-lot’ month and I just realised that’s why so many people I know have September birthdays and every second woman seems to have a ‘blooming’ bump through the summer!

It is no surprise that most women really struggle with what to wear in January, what with all the grieving, dieting, hair dyeing, exhaustion and lack of motivation. Look, I know that it is not humanly possible to wake up in a fantastic mood every morning with a gloriously positive attitude to life, especially this month, so you have to learn to be grateful for the fact that you ‘are’ waking up and make the most of that. It follows on that your attitude directly affects your body image and ultimately what clothes you decide to wear. Days that you do wake up feeling the joys of life, have you noticed how much easier it is to dress yourself and know that you look good – you automatically know what to put on, you pick flattering colours and a flattering cut and you know and appreciate your body. The key is to wear those ‘feel good’ clothes on a day that you feel like you have been hit by a train while you were asleep and gained three stone overnight – girls, it’s all in your head. If red is one of your best colours then no matter what you feel like inside wearing red will make you look better and the knock-on effect is that because you look good and all women (me included) are such vain creatures, you will start to feel better. So get into your wardrobe and know exactly what your ‘great’ pieces are, they are your ‘fall-back-on’ outfits for those days that you think nothing will look good on you… it really is that simple. Making an effort to look ‘half decent’ on a day that has literally smacked you in the face might be the only thread that is left holding you together!

Everyone has the ‘de-cluttering bug’ at the moment, it’s hysterical really because we all make a conscious decision to pack our houses full of stuff that we convince ourselves we need before Christmas and then we are suffocating in ‘stuff’ in January and we simply ‘have’ to get rid of it. Maybe now is a good time to tell you all that you are not ‘cracking up’, what with all the ‘2013 grieving, dieting, hair dyeing, clutter and black January negativity – it’s not just you, it’s normal — we are all in the same boat! You have to see the humour in the fact that along with what I have already mentioned, it is ‘sale’ time in the shops. How in God’s name are we supposed to be in the state of mind to pick up some great pieces when we are all in a fog! What a comedy — have a good long laugh at yourself because this explains all of those ridiculous sale purchases down through the years and all of the clutter in January. It is time to stop the vicious cycle, get very real and re-group. If you are a mom and your kids are little or even big little ones (teenagers) then your house will not and should not look like an art gallery – it’s a home and needs to look like one. Don’t bog yourself down with ‘all’ you have to do, stop finding more things to do that are ‘not’ important and start grabbing some ‘me’ time in your day. Do the ‘hibernating’ thing. Take good care of yourself and January is very definitely the month to do that. When you take care of yourself you feel better and when you feel better it is so much easier to dress yourself and know exactly what to wear or what to buy in the shops. I know that I am repeating myself but some things need repeating. Stop moaning about the fact that a woman you know always looks so stylish, that it makes you feel bad about how you look – that woman does ‘not’ make you feel bad, ‘you do that yourself’! Start making an effort. Martyrdom is not an essential part of being a mother and I don’t buy the excuse that ‘I look like a wreck because the kids take up all of my time’! It takes two minutes to paint your nails or 30 minutes to watch a ‘no-brainer’ soap on the TV, it can take about 30 minutes to do a really nice blow-dry on your hair or 30 minutes to watch a rubbish soap on tv…need I go on? You simply cannot compare the ‘feel-good’ factor and better still, the ‘look-good’ factor. When you feel good ‘sale’ shopping is not stressful or compulsive, it’s very clear and simple – you see something, try it on, you know immediately if it looks good or not so you decide to buy – job done with a clear mind. When you don’t feel great you buy things that ‘might’ one day fit in to ‘if’ you lose weight — and that is where the pile causing clutter in your wardrobe comes from!

Identify your ‘safety’ outfits – the ones you look great in and be clear about the matching accessories that add extra style to your look. These outfits are great for days when ‘the bitch from hell wakes up in your head in the morning and tells you that nothing looks good on you’! So if you are making any New Year’s Resolutions at all, make sure to start with a promise to turn the TV off more, you will be amazed at how much time you will have on your hands – just for you. Use that time to look and feel better, you deserve it so in other words ‘get a life’.

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