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Posted on: 8th September, 2014

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Contributor: Louise O'Dwyer

What an absolutely fabulous summer we have had so I really hope that you made the absolute most of it. Life can and does throw you a curve ball and sometimes it is for a very good reason – to stop you in your tracks! Come on, admit it, most of run around at a million miles an hour, with the incessant need to get everything done ‘today’. Well — News Bulletin — there is a reason why there are seven days in the week and that is so you don’t have to get everything done today! This summer I hope that you took the time to stop and smell the roses because it is always the ordinary everyday things in life that, if we allow them and take the time to see them, are ‘extraordinary’.

The season is changing, the evenings are much cooler, the kids are back in their routine and all around the country young adults are readying themselves to leave the nest and start College (must check all of her bags in case half of my wardrobe disappears)! You might be wondering if you have permission to start looking in the shops for the coming seasons must-haves and the answer is YES, YES, YES.

With hints that we are going to be sun kissed again with an Indian summer, I suggest that you leave all of your summer clothes as accessible as they have been. All you need to do now is to keep your raincoat and umbrella very handy, a routine that we have all been lucky enough to avoid for some time. Get out those light knit sweaters, cardi’s and jackets for crisp evenings. I hope that you take good care when putting away your winter boots — granted they are bulky and don’t necessarily roll up in a ball so some thought and care is needed to ensure that they come back to you looking just as good. Make sure that you oil them, stuff them and box them – the perfect recipe to keep your boots looking pretty. If you are anything like me then you will be bubbling with excitement to get your feet back into your boots — they are like standing in a comfort blanket (if you invest in a good pair). Boots are there to battle all of the storms that may lie ahead and if it is time to retire a pair or two, thank them for a job very well done! Above all else, boots are very definitely my guilty pleasure and now is the time to treat yourself to a new pair, don’t wait another minute or the really cool ones will be gone. While there will be buckles on almost every type of footwear out there, you can, of course, choose from big statement ones to a more subtle and discreet buckle. Isn’t it wonderful that there is always an option for every taste? Choose strong classic colours so that your boots will work with whatever you fancy to wear that day and the golden rule applies here too – black, brown, tan, grey and navy – look great but don’t stand out too much so you can get much more wear out of them. I think it’s important to remind you that your local shoe shop will always offer a layaway plan, nothing is out of your reach and when you have to wait for something, it makes it all the more special. Bottom line is that you can get the comfort and style you deserve!

Someone once told me that the secret of eternal youth is to never forget how to play and have fun so I think it is fantastic that animal print, particularly ‘feline’ print never actually dies a death. It is always cropping up and can add a splash of attitude to any wardrobe. I’ve spotted a few trendy Cheetah mini dresses and skirts that any girl can have a lot of fun with. If you want to keep it very ‘tame’ then just opt for a pair of cheetah pumps or a trendy furry clutch bag , definite eye-cat-chers without screaming CAT!

I love the ever-so-cool reinvention of the 60s-inspired mini, gorgeous on the young ones and very classy with tights and boots on the rest of us. The shape, print and colour options out there are breathless and hypnotic. I even think that I like the patent leather look, yes it’s challenging and bold. As usual Yves Saint Laurent got a lot of attention on the runway with a complete copycat 60s look adding a new twist to the cape and kinky boots. So girls, get those legs looking shapely and if you are worried that the invasion of the ‘wobbles’ on your legs means that you have to hide out in jeans  – get over yourself! Invest in some really good snug thick tights that give the illusion of long and toned legs…At least that’s what I do. Fashion is really all about being able to ‘fake’ it as good as the next person and always gather up all of the tricks of the trade to keep yourself looking ‘incredible naturally’. If you really want to take on the 60s look then choose skirts or mini dresses in rust, caramel or wacky mustard print — if all else fails at the very least they will be great conversation pieces!

While I do think that fitted jackets are always a tad more flattering, I also believe that unless you have variety in your wardrobe you will not get enjoyment out of your clothes because everything will have the same look and feel. This season’s addition of the ‘boxy’ jacket is like a breath of fresh air, don’t worry, you can still wear all of your fitted bits underneath, all that you are doing is topping it all off with a new twist and shape. The variety of colours and patterns available is pretty awesome and its great versatile shape means that it can work with everything in your wardrobe – great with jeans or trousers, elegant with a skirt or dress and you can even dress down these jackets with a jumper underneath. Don’t dismiss them, at the very least try one on.

We have just crept out of a season that we could, quite happily, have ‘played’ in forever and we are now being nuzzled into a new season that we might be somewhat apprehensive about … it’s not like we have a choice, so just ‘go with it’. Find the sheer beauty of the September sun, have pancakes smothered in chocolate ready when the little ones get home from school, enjoy snuggling in your cosy blanket as the evening temperature drops and look forward to the romance of a roaring fire!

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