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Posted on: 9th March, 2015

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Contributor: Louise O'Dwyer

If I were to pick one must-have accessory this season it would have to be a ‘hat’. Not just for weddings, hats are literally head turners and very obvious statement makers and should be a part of your everyday attire. While a black or camel straw hat is a definite winner during the summer months, this time of the year a fedora can really ‘funk’ up an outfit. A fedora is a felt hat with a wide brim and indented crown, typically associated with gangsters and immortalised by the likes of Indiana Jones and Michael Jackson. While they may not suit everyone, they are worth a try and come in a range of colours. Be adventurous. A wide felt hat with a ribbon trim is a classic, tending to suit our ‘big’ Irish heads very well. I have spotted some gorgeous grey and burgundy ones and one or two studded ones for added ‘wow’ factor.

Trench coats are synonymous with spring and are packing an even bigger punch this year with every high street and boutique carrying a version. So, if you don’t already have one in your wardrobe, go out and get one — there is a cut out there to fit every shape. Look at buying a trench coat as an investment piece and if you are paying above average, then opt for a very classic no-frills-cut that ends slightly above the knee. Select the iconic sand/beige colour and you will happily and stylishly wear this for years to come. I find that a lot of women make the mistake of saving their trench coats for formal wear, but for a classy chic look try wearing them over casual gear and with converse shoes or pumps. Leave the coat open with the belt tied around the back to disguise an ample bum or thighs! The classic trench coat sand colour is a lovely subtle lift, especially on dark wet days or when your outfit underneath is all black. Accessorise with any colour scarf or bag, preferably a leather bucket bag for added trendiness.

How do you feel about faded denim flares as part of your spring collection? Picture this — a floral print chiffon blouse, wide black felt floppy hat and faded denim flares…very Kate Hudson-esque and very fashionable. But you need to have more than just denim jeans in your wardrobe this season — go shopping for a denim dress too and of course a snug denim jacket cut exactly at your most flattering point! The selection of denim dresses this season is absolutely gorgeous and the varieties of lengths allow comfort for all shapes and sizes. If you want to cover your legs completely, I have also spotted a few denim maxi dresses out and about. While I know that our poor legs are nowhere near getting an airing yet, remember that now is the time to be diligently using exfoliators on your legs and feet, followed by a smothering of luxurious body lotion. Starting early with this ‘leg care’ routine means that you will most definitely have glossy legs when they do need to be revealed!

Surely you must be tired of burgundy nail polish by now? I am delighted that the trend for nails has gone from long and tailored to short and square — my nails were never my ‘hotspot’! It’s very hard for a busy, physically active woman to have long nails anyway so I’m sure many of you are also delighted with the short look. Go for any nude shade up to a toffee colour polish; these shades work with anything and are also subtle enough — if your nails are not your best feature — to enhance your nails without screaming ‘look at me’. You can use rub in some cuticle oil every night while glued to the telly! This is a really good time of the year to take a course of ‘Head High’ vitamins for hair and nails, which promote growth and also strengthens.

The floral look is ‘huge’ for spring and summer and when a trend is that big I always recommend that you err on the side of caution. By all means pick up a floral bag or a floral blazer or cute three-quarters length skirt but don’t go over the top. If floral is not for you, then ease gently into it with a floral scarf.

I relate everything I hear to image or style. Recently I heard an interview with Deepak Chopra, the ‘controversial New-Age guru’. When asked what he would like his legacy to be, he replied “A passing breeze that came and is now gone but the fragrance lingers”. A great sense of style is not about ‘sticking out like a sore thumb’ but stirring up a sense of individuality in a likeable subtle way that is noticed but doesn’t scream out and most importantly is still stylish decades from now.

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