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Posted on: 8th June, 2015

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Contributor: Louise O'Dwyer

I know that you all you want to know is ‘What are the best looks and trends for Summer 2015?’ Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if all we needed were a bag, a cute pair of espadrilles, a bathing suit and a cover-up? Of course there will always undoubtedly be the odd ‘scorches’ of a day but realistically, Ireland does ‘not’ come up when you Google tropical countries, so I think it’s fair to say that we need to add a few more bits ‘n pieces to our summer must-have list!

No matter what colour makes a ‘big’ splash for the summer season, red, white and blue always pack an unforgettable classy punch. They are the true ‘staple’ colours for our summer weather and they very definitely suit our skin tone. Never too risky or bare, this combination of colours adds warmth and an untouchable class and don’t ever let anyone tell you that they are boring — I have noticed that some women confuse a sophisticated look with ‘old fashioned’, unfortunately this type of women continues to follow teenager fashion trends for far too long! Blue/Navy light jacket, crisp white top and trouser, red bag and pumps, what more do u need? You can mix jeans into that and look equally as cool so if you are fretting about a classic look for summer then go no further than that. Be adventurous with some jewellery and add a splash of a summer fragrance and the world is your oyster!

Flip-flops roll feel-good factor, fun and youth all into one so is it any wonder that women love buying them? We can never have enough pairs and there will always be a new combination of colours to choose from. Bottom line you can buy ‘dirt-cheap’, splash out a little or splash out a ‘hell of a lot’. Tommy Hilfiger have gorgeous, extremely comfortable flip-flops for €30. I love them and you can choose from all the classic colours, this year I went for a beautiful biscuit shade and am comforted by the fact that last years’ ones came out of the washing machine like new this year, so they are well worth it. On the other hand I am not so sure that many of you will be tempted by the cute Chanel sandal/flip-flop in red and silver, yes they are very eye-catching but retailing at €700, the word ‘obscene’ comes to mind! It’s always nice to look at what the major fashion houses are creating, it gives us a better idea of what to look for in the high street stores and then you can shop according to ‘your’ budget.

How does a real woman find a bathing suit that will flatter her body and keep a smile on her face? If only I had the answer to that question! Girls, to be fair, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, ‘every’ woman struggles to find a tiny piece of material to accentuate a not-so-tiny body. Real bodies have character (don’t you like how I put that), real bodies have lumps and bumps, scars, imperfections, age spots and wobbly bits and real bodies belong to the likes of ‘you’ and ‘me’. Why do we focus on all of the negative things about our bodies? Have you been as shocked as I have to hear four-year-olds saying that they have ‘fat’ thighs? Where do you think that they are hearing that? Somehow I think that there are a whole load of ‘Mommies’ out there who are not so happy with their bodies and they are polluting the innocent little minds of their kids (who of course think that their Mommies look absolutely perfect). Get over yourself and seriously ‘cop on’, let’s face some cold hard facts, my dears, take a moment to think about all of the people that are lying in hospital beds, the length and breadth of this country — do you think that they wouldn’t gladly swap places with you and take on all of your ‘lumpy bumpy neurosis CRAP? They would find the first swimsuit that fit and gladly parade through all of their friends at the local beach (without a wrap) with their heads held high! When did we all become so self-obsessed? I’m including myself in this scolding because I’m having the wobbles about swimsuit wearing too and I definitely needed a reminder about the real priorities in life. Do you realise how much fun we can deprive ourselves of because we hide away, over and over again? Life is such a wonderful gift and it is given to the ‘living’ to make the absolute most of it. Stop up right now and ask yourself if you are cherishing the gift of life or simply allowing it to float by. Get out in your swimsuit; if anyone is staring at you, it is only because they are insanely jealous of your confidence and zest for life. If you have zero confidence to do it then remind yourself of someone who is very sick (am sure you will not have to think long and hard) and you will realise how silly you are being. I promise to not give a sh** this summer, I will wear whatever the hell I have always wanted to and, when it comes to my wobbly bits, I will wobble them even more so. I am now and forever going forward going to rename ‘wobbly bits’ as my ‘fun bits’ — don’t we all need to get back to having a sense of humour again? When did we all stop laughing and start poking holes in each other and in ourselves? While I am not encouraging ‘streaking’ (there are places for that I hear), I really do want you to not ‘sweat’ so much about getting into summer clothes this year. Don’t take it so seriously.

Paint your fingernails and your toenails. Buy a beautiful body lotion and treat your skin to a really good time. Nourish your hair with a deep conditioning treatment. Buy a Sesame Street pyjamas. Buy a swimsuit or bikini in your favourite colour and ‘wear it’ and while you are at it, get a picture of yourself in it because in ten years time when your fun bits are dragging along the road you will wonder what the hell was going through your head and think how you were ‘sizzling’ and looked absolutely perfect back then.  SIZZLE ON!

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