Putting the wow factor into your wedding outfit

Posted on: 31st August, 2017

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Contributor: Louise O'Dwyer

Nothing generates excitement quite like an invitation to a wedding, most especially if it is from someone you are close to. Weddings are an opportunity to throw off your everyday garb and go all out glam for the happy affair. Of course you want to make a statement, you want to look your absolute best but you simply cannot forget that a wedding is a ‘long day and night’ affair so you need to be comfortable too! Despite the fact that you will enjoy every minute, the day consists of a lot of eating, standing, sitting and dancing so when you are choosing what to wear, please take all of the aforementioned into account – no one wants to be the ‘stiff poker’ in the beautiful skin tight dress that can’t move an inch or eat a bite – you might look good in the photos but you are depriving yourself of having a really fun day.

There will always be the obvious challenge involved in going to a wedding in this country – our weather. You might be incredibly lucky to get a dry sunny day in October whereas a July wedding day might spit heavy raindrops all day long, whatever, whichever, your priority should be to find something to wear that you absolutely love, know that you look and feel good in and can move around and eat in. We can ‘get over the weather’ if we have to, but might I suggest that you buy a fancy umbrella that somewhat matches the colour you are wearing? It looks sensational, it really does, and can be turned into an eye-catching accessory. Why any of us, living in a country where it rains a lot, have navy, black or the local sports club umbrellas at a wedding is beyond me! Girls, tune up your style mojo and spend €20 on a matching brolly, this is how you make a statement! You will leave them all for dust…especially those carrying umbrellas with broken spokes.

Great shoes do not have to be skyscraper stilettos. A slightly lower heel or a block heel gives you a double whammy of WOW factor and comfort. Classic comfortable shoes are an investment, they stand the test of time and leave you smiling all day and all night, as there is absolutely no safety or comfort in constricting killer heels. If you are going to opt for a higher than average shoe, make sure that it has extra cushioning, the better quality shoes will have that.

What you wear to a wedding should reflect a few obvious things, like where the wedding is on, what the dress code is – extremely glamorous, formal or alternative – the time of the year and any special requests from the bride and groom. Not every wedding is a church and hotel affair and with the way things are going, I imagine that more and more couples will choose new and exciting alternatives – how fabulous. A garden wedding means NO STILETTOS, unless you want to spend the day playing stuck in the mud. While dresses will always win hands down, jumpsuits and trouser suits add a certain pzazz. Are you daring enough? A-line skirts with matching tops were very big this season, perhaps too big if I’m honest, as everyone, including their mother was wearing them. Time and time again, I tell people to take note of what is really ‘in’ for a season and try to avoid that – it’s always nice and refreshing to be a little different. The same goes for colour – there will certain colours that will lead the way every season; I suggest that you look for an alternative and only accessorise with the ‘colour of the season’. All that ever need to do is to look at a wedding group photo – this year, there was a lot of very pink dresses in the crowd!

Almost all of us know a long time before the invite arrives that we are going to be invited to a wedding. A savvy wedding guest will start looking for an outfit long beforehand when there is zero pressure. I must admit that doing this makes such a difference, as pressure buying almost always leaves you feeling cheated somewhat and if you have something in mind that you would like to wear, it gives you plenty of time to put in the footwork to find it. You all know to avoid cream or white unless it is embellished with colour or jewellery. Keep your clutch bag small but big enough to fit your phone in.

Black is always safe and practical but it lends itself to bold accessories and blondes definitely get away with wearing it more often than brunettes! Classic cut beats everything else hands down. Boobies need to stay inside your dress or top, always choose classy over trashy, so avoid anything that is too tight, too short or too revealing. If you wear a coat over your delightful dress, couture dictates that they are the same length.

Separates are really ‘in’ season now, they can be remixed again and again as long as you go for block colour rather than loud patterns. While the high street will always offer cheap and cheerful wedding style, if you have the money why not choose an Irish designer or an Irish boutique – they specialise in limited edition occasion wear, topping it off with a wonderful personal service (they record what wedding you are wearing said outfit to and make sure no one else buys the same). There is nothing worse than arriving at an event and seeing someone else wearing YOUR dress and worst of all…looking better in it than you.

Always remember that a classic monotone dress with a cap sleeve or even a three-quarter length sleeve can see you through a summer or winter wedding, especially if it is red, black, grey or silver, gold or blue. All that you need to do is to change your accessories, fur or a coat in the winter and add the brightest of jewellery, shoes and bags in quirky colours for a summer splash. Whatever you do, don’t get stressed out about it. The same dress can be worn many times, even changing your hairstyle can make a huge difference – what is more important than anything is that you feel good in what you wear.

Headpieces are wonderful, the more exotic the better. I must admit that I am partial to Elizabeth Christina Design. Her creations are amazing. Tina Hemlock Coyne is one of the most talented milliners that I have seen and is definitely a rising star. Look her up and enjoy.

While a headpiece may not be for everyone, if you want to make a statement, then this is how you do it. Always stay TRUE TO YOUR PERSONAL STYLE. I’m not telling you not to think outside the box but try to remember that you probably had a valid reason when it came to avoiding certain styles in the past, just because they are back in fashion again, does not mean that you have to wear it this time around. Otherwise, you might end up feeling a tad uncomfortable all day and all night. How do you know when something looks really good on you? Well, my dears, it is that moment when you fit it on, ever before you look at yourself in a mirror and it just feels right, in fact it feels great, and then you look and wow, you look amazing! It really is that simple.

Enjoy these special days, because they are someone else’s most special day who chose to have you there to celebrate with. How lovely! So eat, drink and be merry and DANCE, not just a little, but a lot.

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