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Posted on: 6th October, 2014

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Contributor: Louise O'Dwyer

Now that our feet are planted firmly in autumn, we are all very aware of that ‘expensive’ season that is just around the corner! Don’t worry, I’m not going to mention ‘it’ just yet but I do know that very shortly the demands form the little ones will start to come and our pockets will start screaming. What I am about to tell you should very definitely perk you up because I now have absolute proof that looking good can be so easily accomplished on a very tight budget!

Just recently the ‘Hi’ Hair and Beauty Awards 2014 revealed some amazing winners and better still, we can all afford some of them. While the best day cream was won by Shiseido Advanced Super Revitalising Cream (at a mere €103), the best budget face cream winner was Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Day Cream. It does what it says; delivers younger looking skin, penetrating deep to the cellular level and retails at €15.99. I just had to let you in on this, what fantastic information to have. If you think that was some priceless info, then what about the winner for best dry skin cream – E45 cream. It will only set you back €5.49 and has been proven to treat and soothe dry, itching, chapped, rough and calloused skin, soothes sunburn and doubles as a great treatment for dry skin on your hands. This is a cream that should be on everyone’s next shopping list!

Good clear skin means so much to all of us and we can sometimes be tempted (or bullied) into spending a fortune on creams that have a ‘BIG’ name, as a result of huge investment into advertising – some of these creams can exacerbate a skin problem rather than calm or cure it, so bottom line – always ask for a sample to try! You have two choices for sensitive skin, the winners were La Roche Possay Hydraphase Intense Masque (€16.50) and Ziaja Sensitive Soothing Day Cream (€6.99). While the Hyraphase cream gives intensive hydration and soothes the skin, the Soothing Day Cream moisturises and protects sensitive, dry and itchy skin and eliminates redness and that awful burning sensation, all the while reducing dryness and excessive flaking. Girls, isn’t it wonderful to know all of this before you head out into the shops. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that good skin necessitates spending a small fortune, only spend what you can and always remember that a healthy diet, adequate hydration (lots of water) and plenty of sleep will have a far more profound effect on your skin than anything you apply topically!

I know that you are dying to know who won the best foundation category – best luxury foundation winner was Mac Studio Fix Fluid and at €31.50 is very acceptable and do-able for any pocket. All you young girls, ‘not so young’ girls and students on a tight budget, take note – the winner for best budget foundation was Wet N Wild Coverall, it actually does reduce the appearance of wrinkles and has a light overall look. It will cost you an absolute fortune at €4.99!

If I got a Euro every time someone asked me to recommend a cream that actually does reduce redness, I would certainly not be writing this – I would, however, be on a Mediterranean cruise ship, sipping something exotic that would make me giddy and so on…Ok, €35 is not cheap but for anyone who suffers from facial redness, knowing that a product works is worth its weight in gold and the winner for this category was Ren Evercalm Anti redness Serum – it does what it says and also improves skin tone.

I, for one, am always looking for a good safe deodorant. Life keeps us busy and when you are moving continually and especially moving from inside to out, chances are you will sweat. Sweating is a totally natural bodily function and easy to stay on top of with a healthy daily hygiene routine but no matter what most of us still need a deodorant. Mitchum Advanced Women Shower Fresh 48HR Protection Anti-Perspirant and Deodrant was the absolute winner in this category. It’s also very cost effective at under €4.

Now it is time to see who won the best hair product categories, after all, it is our crowning glory and a bad hair day really is a BAD day! I am sure that most of you will not be terribly surprised to hear that Mane N Tail Deep Moisturising Conditioner won the best conditioner category. It will cost you about €9 but will completely nourish your hair – put it on your next shopping list NOW. Batiste won the best dry shampoo, but you all will already know that, does any other product even come close? I am always trying out the latest hair serums to calm frizzy hair and I had almost completely forgotten about John Frieda’s Frizz Ease, well, this product topped its category too – it adds shine while it also gives your hair a lovely calm texture for €8.50. L’Oreal Elnett won the best hairspray section, I love this hairspray, and it holds yet leaves your hair with a soft feel, adds shine and you can brush it out – pure perfection and is always available for less than €9.

Enjoy all of this information but more importantly USE IT. Rome was not built in a day, you cannot expect to look incredible without spending just a little and also you need to take some time out for yourself so if there was a category for best overall beauty tip I believe the outright winner would be ‘rest’. Chill out, make the time because it will show in your hair, skin and overall body so top of your shopping list write – ‘rest up’. The glow you will get as a result is ‘priceless’!

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