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Posted on: 8th August, 2014

Category: Health

Contributor: Hannah Dare


I hope you are having a fantastic summer! We are having a very exciting time in Organico, lots of changes and lots of new additions to our menu in the Cafe. One that is becoming a fast favourite is Butter Coffee! The craze for Butter Coffee started the USA — where else! Dave Asprey (a mountain climber turned celebrity health guru) spent a lot of time researching why people in the Indian Himalayas add Yak Butter to their tea, and why it seems to give them such health benefits. Dave was completely exhausted at the end of a day’s trekking when he was given a cup of Yak Butter tea. He felt so revived and revitalised that when he came home he did research and found that most people benefit from the extra good fats in this drink. But he was a coffee drinker, not a tea drinker, so BulletProof Coffee ™or Butter Coffee was born. He developed a drink based on the concept of butter tea for coffee, which involves adding butter and coconut oil to your coffee. If you look up his website (details below) you will see that there are a lot of claims made and some expensive products sold which I’m not totally on board with; however, I really like the taste of Butter Coffee, I think the extra coconut oil is very healthy for me, and I find my concentration and energy are both very good after a Butter Coffee (whereas sometimes after a normal coffee I can be a bit scattered!)

It’s a bit ironic that I am promoting this coffee, because when I was working in Nepal I had to grit my teeth and force myself to drink the Yak Butter Tea, which was proudly served to us as a sign of hospitality. It was generally made with rancid yak butter (few fridges in Nepal!) and the overall effect was pretty horrible. This meant I was initially highly suspicious of butter coffee, however having investigated the health benefits, I steeled myself to try and was surprised to find that it was really enjoyable!

We have one particular customer who has been taking a cup of Butter Coffee every day since sometime around Christmas, and I questioned her recently as to the benefits. She said that while she really enjoys the taste and the creaminess of a Butter Coffee coffee, the main reason she has continued is that is has had a huge impact on her mental agility. In particular she has been able to manage complex maths problems with ease, which she feels she would have struggled with previously. And she also feels that her husband has become younger in the same time period…quite a good advertisement I think!

To make your coffee ‘bulletproof’ you take a hefty piece of butter (about a tablespoon) and a teaspoon of coconut oil (or MCT oil — see below) and then using a blender (a stick blender is fine) you combine it with coffee and it makes an unusual tasting coffee which is creamy and latte-like, but has no milk in it. It is essential to blend it well as it is the emulsification of the fats with the coffee, which both creates the taste and also gives the health benefits. As you become more accustomed to the MCT oil you can increase the dose, which increases the health benefits. And what do you know — Dave recommends KerryGold butter as the best butter!

We all know Irish butter is far superior to continental butter, partly because grass fed butter is higher in good fats than butter from corn fed animals, which gives it the distinctively yellow look and creamy taste, as well as considerably more health benefits.

BulletProof Coffee™ is hugely popular with bodybuilders; the immediate effect is lasting energy, quite different from regular coffee; the medium to long term effects seem to be improved memory, improved skin softness, improved workouts for athletes, better weight management and blood sugar control.

Bulletproof Coffee is a commercial product and Dave sells an ‘Upgraded ™’ coffee and MCT oil (which is an extract of coconut and palm oil). His coffee is a high altitude, low mycotoxin coffee.

We don’t use Dave’s coffee, as the price is eye-wateringly high and Organico’s own house blend is also high altitude and low mycotoxin coffee, which we sell as beans and as ground coffee. Recently we have sourced an MCT oil also, so we can offer two types of Butter Coffee — one using our own blend of butter and organic extra virgin coconut oil, and one using MCT oil and butter — so you can see which you prefer. And if you like it you can find the ingredients in most healthfood shops…

For more information on Butter Coffee try www.bulletproofexec.com or www.powerful.ie.

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