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Wine varietals and blends

Posted on: 5th February, 2014 in The Wine Buff

The term ‘varietal wine’ comes originally from California, and means that the wine is made principally, (75 per cent and upwards) from one grape variety. Wines composed of two grape varieties in equal measure, or from a number of different...

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Beers from around the world

Posted on: 15th January, 2014 in The Wine Buff

“Goodbye to the port and brandy, to the vodka and the stag, to the Smithwick and the Harpic, the bottle, draught and keg.” (Christy Moore) This month, your Wine Buff has become the Beer Buff. There are plenty of post-Christmas...

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Wines for Christmas

Posted on: 31st December, 2013 in The Wine Buff

Recommending wines for Christmas is a tricky business. First of all, there is the traditional meal. It can be easy to choose a wine to complement the turkey, but will it go with the ham as well? And what about...

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