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Star Signs for July 2014

Posted on: 7th July, 2014 in Star Signs

The recent New Moon in Cancer on June 27 set the trend for the next few weeks into July. This time period gives us the opportunity to really focus on matters that are close to home. The Cancerian themes centre...

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Star Signs for June 2014

Posted on: 4th June, 2014 in Star Signs

This coming Sagittarius Full Moon on June 13 is not just for mythical four legged beasts to enjoy. The Moon is waxing to its full phase, as we approach the culmination of the Sun’s northerly journey during the Solstice. The...

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Star Signs for May 2014

Posted on: 6th May, 2014 in Star Signs

This merry month is the start of the summer season and begins with our customary Mayday holidays. Referred to as Beltane and usually celebrated as May 1, we are marking a cross quarter day. The four fire festivals, Beltane in...

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Star Signs for April 2014

Posted on: 7th April, 2014 in Star Signs

The recent New Moon in Aries on March 30 marked the beginning of this month’s Astrological action. We can watch the planetary movements working like a domino effect as one event leads into another and the drama unfolds. Although there...

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Star Signs for March 2014

Posted on: 6th March, 2014 in Star Signs

March is associated with the change of season. In the Northern hemisphere, regardless of the weather conditions, we can usually sense the energising effect of the Sun, as it reaches approaches the equinox position. Days become longer than nights from...

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Star Signs for February 2014

Posted on: 5th February, 2014 in Star Signs

As January retreats in favour of February, the Moon phases also cycle through the seasonal signs. Throughout this year, each New Moon is followed by the Full Moon in it’s opposite zodiac sign. A New Moon will influence the trend...

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Star Signs for January 2014

Posted on: 16th January, 2014 in Star Signs

The Full Moon this month is at 26° Cancer on January 16 at 4:53am. The next New Moon is at 11° Aquarius on January 30 at 9:39pm....

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Stars Signs for December 2013

Posted on: 31st December, 2013 in Star Signs

During the first few days of December we discover if the comet ISON has reappeared after its journey around the Sun on November 28. It became visible to the naked eye before dawn in late November in the first degrees...

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