Star Signs

June Sun Signs

Posted on: 7th June, 2018 in Star Signs

The month of June marks a half way point in the yearly solar cycle as we reach the solstice on the 21st when the Sun reaches its most northerly placement before it starts the journey back towards the opposite position...

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May Star Signs

Posted on: 8th May, 2018 in Star Signs

The last several weeks and all through April has given us intense planetary action with the Full Moon in Scorpio to finish up. It’s been a testing time. Early May is a refreshing break from such relentless pressure. The second...

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Star Signs for March 2018

Posted on: 9th March, 2018 in Star Signs

This month starts with a Full Moon on the night of March 1/2 and brings the Pisces Virgo axis into focus. The Moon shines out from the zodiac sign of Virgo, putting emphasis on making sense of our daily lives...

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February Star Signs

Posted on: 6th February, 2018 in Star Signs

The month of January ended under the shadow of a total Lunar eclipse on January 31. An eclipse happens when the earth lines up with the Sun and Moon. If the Sun is on the opposite side to the Sun...

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Jan Star Signs + The Astrology of 2018

Posted on: 15th January, 2018 in Star Signs

If you’ve been sensing that 2018 has started off on a different and more positive note then you’ll be pleased to know that it really does have some exceptional astrological trends to back you up! A key feature of 2018...

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December Star Signs

Posted on: 11th December, 2017 in Star Signs

The last Full Moon of the year provides us with a strong astrological trend, which sets us on the right footing for 2018 and beyond. Before that though, we have to contend with the unsettling influences associated with Mars opposite...

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November Star Signs

Posted on: 13th November, 2017 in Star Signs

November starts with our brightest star, the Sun, in Scorpio, still within distance of the greater benefic, Jupiter. They are slowly parting company now as the days pass, but it has been a happy union over the last week or...

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Star Signs

Posted on: 5th October, 2017 in Star Signs

The first days of October have a mixed message to bring and it may be hard to find the good moments amongst the many challenges.  This is a time when personal connections may need to be fully negotiated. It may...

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