The bare essentials

Posted on: 10th April, 2017 in Image

I read a post on facebook the other day and laughed out loud…it was along the lines of…’My kids are wearing all the latest gear and I’m still wearing underwear that I bought nine years ago’. How true is this?...

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Step into spring

Posted on: 7th March, 2017 in Image

This season is all about flawless complexions complemented with mega-feminine lips, sealing the deal with a splash of a seductive or exotic scent! My advice is to find your signature look and scent, something that describes you, and invest in...

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The bride’s guide to bridesmaids

Posted on: 6th February, 2017 in Image

Did you know that ancient Roman law dictated that you must have 10 witnesses present at your wedding? Ah…the days of simplicity, weddings have changed quite a bit since then! This was the precursor to the bridal party tradition. In...

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Where to start?

Posted on: 17th January, 2017 in Image

How about we start off the New Year with gently de-cluttering your wardrobe? After the holidays, there are probably piles of ‘stuff’ that you just don’t know what to do with. Did you know and can you accept that it’s...

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Here’s to a holly jolly Christmas…

Posted on: 6th December, 2016 in Image

The excitement is bubbling, the holiday season is fast approaching and I, for one, can’t wait. I love the smell of cloves and cinnamon. I love baking mincepies and Christmas cookies and smothering the house in fairy lights. Christmas is...

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Twinkle twinkle you very bright star

Posted on: 8th November, 2016 in Image

I’m sitting here in my flip-flops on one of the last days in October, writing this. What amazing weather we are having, it is so very like the American Fall; this time last year my boys were ice-skating in Central...

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Autumn/Winter… what have you got for us?

Posted on: 10th October, 2016 in Image

I guess it’s time for a major wardrobe update! People keep asking me “what should I be buying now?” This season, more than at any other time in fashion, it’s all about wearing whatever you like! You can mix stripes...

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So you’ve been invited to a wedding…

Posted on: 5th September, 2016 in Image

A practical and fun relationship show ‘Then Comes Marriage’ airing on RTÉ2 this autumn offers a unique opportunity for couples thinking of taking the plunge to gain valuable insight into their relationship. Under the guidance of leading relationship experts, psychoanalytic...

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