The S.L.O.W diet approach for kids’ health


Posted on: 9th March, 2015 in Health

Slow Carb diets, the Slow Food movement, Slowing Down while you eat — SLOW seems to be everywhere. And then I read about another interpretation of the word slow, as in the S.L.O.W Diet — a diet for kids focusing...

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Probiotic protection from winter bugs

Posted on: 9th February, 2015 in Health

At this time of the year it can often feel like we are conducting a relentless war against bacteria and viruses and that the baddies are winning! Rather than battling the bugs once we’ve already caught something perhaps we need...

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Fighting all that ails you with Aloe Vera

Posted on: 20th January, 2015 in Health

Happy New Year from all of us at Organico – we sincerely hope you had a peaceful and happy holiday. We also hope you are feeling well – if not however we are here to help. We have lot of...

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Super green smoothies to make you glow

Posted on: 1st December, 2014 in Health

After the positive response I had to my recent article on Healthy Breakfasts, I thought I would explore a little further and give you some inspiration for a really healthy (breakfast) smoothie. These green smoothies may look strange but they...

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It’s tea time

Posted on: 3rd November, 2014 in Health

Sometimes, after I have been under the weather, I find I change a ‘bad’ habit or two pretty easily. I might take it as an opportunity to give up tea or coffee or sugar, for example. Mostly when I have...

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Healthy breakfasts


Posted on: 6th October, 2014 in Health

This month I have been experiencing the challenge of having to get a five-year-old out to school for the first time, which is a bit of a change for us all! Breakfast has taken on a whole new importance and...

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Warding off back to school germs

Posted on: 8th September, 2014 in Health

It really is that time again! By now the uniforms are dusted off, the lunch boxes lids have been located and the first few days are over (I know I probably should have written this article last month but I...

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Butter me up

Posted on: 8th August, 2014 in Health

I hope you are having a fantastic summer! We are having a very exciting time in Organico, lots of changes and lots of new additions to our menu in the Cafe. One that is becoming a fast favourite is Butter...

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