A West Cork Life

Reclaiming the magic

Posted on: 3rd August, 2017 in A West Cork Life

Everyone has been so busy this year. Whether employed or unemployed, married with kids or  single, a bohemian artist or one of Leo’s people who get up in the morning – everyone is extremely busy. Meetings with friends and neighbours...

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From Corleone to West Cork

Posted on: 9th June, 2017 in A West Cork Life

I have spent the last week in a 19th century farm, high in the hills above the town of Corleone in Sicily. The landscape is incredible: rolling fields of wheat and barley, olive groves and vineyards; a lush and fertile...

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Telly smarts

Posted on: 15th May, 2017 in A West Cork Life

I’m not quite sure how many channels we have. I’ve tried to scroll through the list, but get distracted before I get to the end every time. Who knew that there were enough twins who commit murders to have an...

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You gotta have faith

Posted on: 10th April, 2017 in A West Cork Life

These days I feel grateful that my children are all raised and grown. Not only because of the 24/7 responsibility and often boring drudgery of child-rearing, but also because I would find it more difficult today to find a balance...

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West Cork musings

Posted on: 7th March, 2017 in A West Cork Life

Sometimes I take a step back and think about of how much West Cork has changed since I first visited in 1990. Looking around, remembering what it used to look like, is like a Pokemon Go augmented reality experience with...

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Food is my compass

Posted on: 17th January, 2017 in A West Cork Life

After a year that had me travelling half a dozen times, I find myself starting 2017 in a snow-covered Brussels. They say you should start the year as you intend to continue it, and if that means more travel, then...

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Christmas is a time of giving and receiving

Posted on: 5th December, 2016 in A West Cork Life

It’s not quite 5pm, but the back of the house is already shrouded in darkness. The front, which faces south, is still bathed in the dying pink glow of another spectacular sunset. Outside is freezing cold, but here in the...

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First World problems

Posted on: 8th November, 2016 in A West Cork Life

I’m as attracted by the new as much as the next consumer. New gadgets and tech are often desirable merely because they are new. What’s not to love? New is better, bigger faster, shinier.   I for one am totally...

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