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Posted on: 7th April, 2014

Category: A Flavour of West Cork

Contributor: Karen Austin

Spring is here for sure and all things green are growing again. No sooner had we recovered our tunnel where we grow spinach and chard than it began to grow like crazy. It’s a pleasure to be walking about with a bucket picking again and not to have to ration the spinach in the kitchen. It gets pretty lean during the winter months so it’s exciting to have more to play with.

The tunnel where we will plant our new crop is still being rebuilt. There are seeds germinating in the propagator, but there will probably be a gap in our supply when this vigourous crop decides it’s done it’s bit and goes to seed.

We may be a bit behind on the vegetable front but the chickens are surely up to speed. They are laying lots of eggs. We have lots of new hens from last years hatched eggs and they seem to be joining the laying club — beautiful little eggs of all shades, speckly brown and white.

Plenty of eggs mean plenty of baking to try to use them up. We’ve been playing with recipes in our kitchen. We’ve added a ‘Torta di Ricotta’ – an Italian cheesecake, which is made with the local Toonsbridge buffalo ricotta with poached pears or raspberries studded through to our menu and are playing with new recipes for cookies and energy bars.

The new season rhubarb is back in town. I bought a few beautiful bunches in the market last week and it’s a pleasure to have something other than pears or plums to bake in our tarts.

Rhubarb Clafoutis is a variation on the French classic, Cherry Clafoutis. To be a true clafoutis it would need to be baked with cherries but if we stuck to that we wouldn’t get to eat many clafoutis here in Ireland, as cherries are scarce. Clafoutis is a custard baked in a pan in the oven. Easy-peasy. No pastry or anything complicated, just whisk the ingredients together and pour over roasted or poached fruit and pop it in the oven. It makes a great dessert and if you take the time to arrange the fruit on top it looks quite elegant.

The clafoutis can be baked in an oven-proof pan, an oven-proof dish or a baking tin. It needs to be around 20cm – 24cm in diameter


Rhubarb Clafoutis


6 stems of rhubarb

150g caster sugar plus a little extra for the rhubarb

4 eggs

50g white flour (or polenta if you want gluten free)

50g ground almonds

250mls cream

1tsp vanilla extract

about 15g butter to grease the dish/tin/pan



Pre heat the oven 180c.

Wash the rhubarb and cut into approx. 5cm lengths. Toss in a little caster sugar and put onto a baking tray. Bake in the oven for 12 minutes. The rhubarb should be sweating by this stage.

Crack the eggs into a bowl then add the sugar, flour or polenta and ground almonds. Whisk to a smooth paste. Put the cream into a small saucepan with the vanilla and bring to the boil. Whisk the cream onto the egg mix.

Rub the pan/dish/tin that you are going to use with butter and pour in two thirds of the mix. Arrange the rhubarb around the pan and then drizzle over the remaining batter.

Bake in the oven for approx. 35-40 mins. It might be best to check after 30 minutes just in case you have a hot oven. The clafoutis is cooked when it is golden all over and the custard has set.

Serve at room temperature with whipped cream on the side.

The next cooking class is Italian on Saturday, April 12. We’ll be making pizzas, focaccia, pasta and sauces, risotto, minestrone, polenta and pannacottas. If you fancy learning how to make these and get to eat them all at the same time there are a few places still free.

Con will be making Breads on April 26 and teaching Low GI on May 17 for any one that is interested in eating well and losing weight and I’ll be teaching Vegetarian cooking on May 10 with lots of yummy salads and summer dishes.

If you are interested in any of the above please drop in and visit us in the shop, call or email.

Contact us at Lettercollum Kitchen Project, 22 Connolly Street, Clonakilty.  Phone 023 8846251/8836938.

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11th October, 2017  ·  

Submarines, American Sailors, and the Underwater War in Irish Waters, 1917-1918
by Dr John Borgonovo in The Parish Centre, Clonakilty
on Thursday Oct 26 2017 at 8.30 pm

In 1917, unrestricted submarine warfare by German U-boats brought the United States into WWI and created a crisis in Britain. To defeat the submarine menace, an American naval fleet was dispatched to County Cork, bringing about 10,000 sailors with it. This talk will explain the circumstances of this extraordinary event, and how Cork residents dealt with their unexpected American guests.

Dr John Borgonovo is a lecturer in the School of History at UCC. His publications include Spies, Informers, and the 'Anti-Sinn Féin' Society: The Intelligence War in Cork City, 1920-1921; The Dynamics of War and Revolution: Cork City, 1916-1918; Exercising a close vigilance over their daughters: Cork women, American sailors, and Catholic vigilantes, 1917-18; Something in the Nature of a Massacre: The Bandon Valley Killings Revisited (with Andy Bielenberg). His latest publication (with co-authors John Crowley, Donal Ó Drisceoil and Mike Murphy) is the highly acclaimed and magnificient Atlas of the Irish Revolution. In July of this year, he organised a very successful conference on Winning the Western Approaches - Unrestricted Submarine Warfare and the US Navy in Ireland 1917-1918.
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Apple Juicing Day in Clonakilty next Sunday Sept 30th. All welcome to bring their apples from 2-6pm to the Clonakilty Community Garden (on entrance road to Clonakilty Lodge).

Building on the success of its inaugural 2016 event, local voluntary environmental organisation Sustainable Clonakilty invites people to bring along their apples and press them to extract their own juice to take home, using the group's Apple Press.

Volunteers will be at hand to assist in the procedure. Bring along your apples washed; clean containers to freeze your juice (milk/juice bottles or cartons, plastic bottles with caps); clean, sterilised glass bottles to pasteurise with swing caps or suitable for 26 mm diameter metal cap.

A limited number of new 3 litres juice bags that are suitable for freezing and pasteurising, can be purchased for a nominal fee on the day also.

This is a free community event and donations will be welcome to cover costs.

For further information, please contact Xavier at xavierdubuisson@gmail.com or text at 086/0476124.
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